Diana and Jason

How We Met

We met online as most folks do nowadays, and spoke every single day for 2 months before meeting. Day 4 of chatting I knew he was the one, and even told mum so. She, of course, didn’t believe me, guess I showed her!

Diana's Proposal in Luna Park Ferris Wheel Fine Dining

Our first date was genuinely adorable. We met in the city and had nitrogen frozen ice cream, took fun photo booth pics (didn’t notice until a friend pointed out that he was looking at me adoringly in half the pics!) and roamed the streets of Sydney CBD, sat on the grass at Darling Harbour talking for hours upon hours, until the last train for the night came.

The rest is history!

How They Asked

He was surprising me with so many sweet gestures at the time, like a helicopter ride as my university graduation gift, which I realize now was to throw me off the scent.

We booked a hotel for the night and headed off to Luna Park. During warmer months, they host fine dining degustations in the Ferris Wheel which fortunately caters to our vegan requirements.

The food was exquisite and my date was looking dapper! It was such a gorgeous night. When the Ferris Wheel was up high and aligned with the Harbour Bridge, my gorgeous then-boyfriend gave me a lovely speech (which I kept interrupted to say sweet things back – whoops!) and proposed!

We headed back to the hotel where he had rose petals from the door leading to the bedroom, tealight candles lit everywhere and fairy lights glistening. Best of all he had a deluxe coloring-in book waiting for me as well because I’m a sucker for them.

Grateful I was taking pictures throughout the night, because it saved me from repeating our story to everyone as all of our friends got to see it take place the following day, but it also captured life long memories!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Luna Park Ferris Wheel Fine Dining

Following this, we had our engagement photo shoot in Paris on my birthday, then eloped in a castle in Italy, but that’s a story for another time!