Diana and Jason

how we met

We met while working at an advertising agency in Downtown Tampa! Although we worked in different departments and at one time, different floors, JR always made sure to make his rounds to say hi to me!

how they asked

JR had to first plan a way to get us to Miami. He got tickets to a basketball game and we decided to make a weekend trip out of it. Once our vacation time was planned, JR asked my parents for my hand in marriage. JR planned the proposal with a photographer, Alyssa, and told her that my family would be in town and that he was going to try to get his mother and brother in town too! He booked hotel rooms for everyone! It was 100% a surprise and JR didn’t act nervous or strange at all during our trip so I had no idea. On Saturday morning of our trip, we had planned to go to the Perez Art Museum in Miami. Before walking in the doors to the museum, JR suggested we take a walk around the building since there is water out back as well as plenty of palm trees. I didn’t think anything of it. As we walked toward the back of the museum ground, we turned a small corner and I noticed my mom, dad, sister, JR’s mom and his brother standing there, along with our photographer! As soon as I saw my mom, I lost it and started bawling!!! I got mascara everywhere but hugged JR in the moment and kissed him. He then got on one knee and proposed in front of our families!

Special Thanks

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