Diana and Emanuel

It was Christmas Eve, we had just finished dinner and I was just hanging at the table. Manny came over and said I’m going to give Liha (my daughter) her gift and I would like for you to be there. I went over to the living room and he took out a box. While he was unwrapping he was telling her how he’ll always love her, will always be his best friend, and will always be there for her. He opens the box and says the gift I want from you, if I give you this necklace, you have to promise to be my daughter forever. Literally in tears already! Liha says YES, without a doubt and he puts the necklace on her! He looks at me and grabs my hands and says so now that Liha has accepted to be my daughter forever please stand up. Next thing I know he’s down on one knee with the most perfect ring! Him proposing to my daughter to propose to me, meant the absolute world to me!! I am over the moon!!

Image 1 of Diana and Emanuel

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