Diana and Chris

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How We Met

Diana and I met in August 2013 when she came to train at the store I was working at. During the 6 weeks she was there we sparked conversation about a common interest…working out. I began to give Diana workout and diet tips. At the end of the 6 weeks Diana went to her permanent store and we lost contact (because I was too scared to ask for her number).

Two months later the stars aligned and I was assigned to a temporary assignment working in Diana’s store! Our friendship kicked back off with talks of the gym and diet again. This time I decided to take Diana to the gym with me to show her some workouts. Little did I know the first time I would take her it would almost get me kicked out of the gym!

After a couple months of working out, meal prepping and dating, Diana and I officially became boyfriend and girlfriend on June 15th, 2013. Since then we’ve had a few unforgettable milestones, our first apartment in Marina Del Rey (2014), a puppy, Jaxson (2015), our first home (2015) and our second puppy Lily (2016). This year we celebrate our biggest milestone yet…MARRIAGE! We have not yet set a date.

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how they asked

When a group of friends started planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, all I cared about was finally seeing the Horseshoe Bend in person. Chris was not very enthusiastic about the trip and I took it as a challenge to convince him what a great adventure it would be. Little did I know that Chris was secretly planning the proposal since the second he saw how excited I was about the Horseshoe Bend.

On our second day of our trip, November 12th, 2016, we woke up at 3:30am so we could head out and catch the sunrise at the Horseshoe Bend. I’m a sucker for sunrises and sunsets, they’re a moment that naturally forces you to be fully present. I woke up that day happy, thrilled, and ready to start our full day. On our 2 hour drive, we had to stop for gas where Chris was frustrated and impatient with the slow gas pump. I excused his weird behavior for morning grumpiness. Deep down, Chris was nervous that we would miss the sunrise and ruin the perfect day he had planned.

We arrived and quickly walked to the point and saw there were several other early risers. Daisy, Matron of Honor, found the “right” spot with the perfect view and offered to take a picture before more tourists arrived. Chris and I walked over and in a second Chris got on one knee.

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I was shocked, surprised and felt like the world froze for a magical second. Chris said special words and I said Yes! It was a moment I will always cherish; I can’t believe he pulled off surprising me! Thanks to Chris and the photographer he hired, we have this special moment captured forever.

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Special Thanks

Jessica's Photography
 | Photographed the Proposal