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Engagement Proposal Ideas in The High Line - New York City

My boyfriend and I planned a trip to New York City mid December. I was raised in NY and he had never been. So it felt like the most wonderful opportunity to visit.

I wanted to go to the High Line since I had never been (I moved to TX in 2006) and I was really excited to go. Little did I know that my boyfriend was planning a surprise.

As soon as we arrived to New York, it started snowing, it kept going steady as we made our way to The High Line. As soon as we got up on the park Bryan looked really happy and I started taking pictures. He told me that he was really happy and I thought it was because of the snow, he then proceeded to ask me that we should ask someone to take our picture.

I said, of course. I love picture after all and sometimes someone taking your pic is better than a selfie to get all the background view.

As fate would happen, a couple were walking near us and I jumped into action asking them to take our picture. As soon as I handed them my phone my boyfriend asked them to take a video. I didn’t think anything of it since it was snowing I figured he wanted to take a video with the snow. I asked the strangers to take a picture first and then a video.

As soon as the video started, he got down on one knee. It was such a surreal moment and everything happened so rapidly. I said yes before he asked me. In fact, he didn’t get to ask me until after the video stopped and we were once again alone. I also picked up the ring before he did and put it on. After I apologized for stealing the moment and he said “I wouldn’t have it any other way”. He truly is my soulmate, the calm to my chaos, the thoughtfulness to my impulsiveness, and now my fiancé! I cannot wait to marry him!

PS – If you are the amazing guy who helped with the video on December 15, 2017 at around 4-5pm at The High Line in New York City. Thank you so much. We are really appreciative that you could help with this moment and my fiancé and I would like to buy you dinner.

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