Diana and Amir


How We Met

Amir and I met in college starting September 2007.  It was Introduction to Chemistry class (yes, we all heard the “you guys have chemistry” pun lol) and Amir was one of my lab partners.  I was a new college freshman and shy since I had not made new friends yet.

Amir approached me with his warm smile and friendly hello and I was automatically drawn by his charm and witty personality.  In class, he would make me laugh constantly by cracking jokes and making the most hilarious celebrity impersonations, even though they can be so corny.

Our friendship grew as we would spend late nights talking on the phone, countless AIM chat sessions, and our mutual love of Starbucks and boba.  We both quickly became super close buddies as we tutored each other with homework and coursework in the same classes since we were both nursing majors.


At the time, I saw Amir as only a really good friend but our blossoming friendship developed into Amir having a deep crush on me as months flew by.  He attempted to pursue me by giving me his own cute keychains that he made himself, creating mixtapes of songs I liked, and arriving to school early just to walk to class with me.

Being the naive girl I am at the time, I didn’t notice these clues as I thought Amir was just being the sweet guy that he normally is.

The defining moment is when Amir finally asked me out on our first date where he took me to the movies for the first time (it was “The Dark Knight” haha) and created his own picnic at a local park in Granada Hills.

I was in awe since it’s rare that a guy would set up a private romantic picnic for a girl haha.  He started serenading me love songs and confessed he had feelings for me.  I told him I really liked him a lot and said yes to being his girlfriend!

8 years later, Amir won over my heart and I fell more in love with him through his humor, kindness, and motivation as we endured long years of nursing school together.  I’ve always told myself I wanted to marry a man who is not only my best friend but someone who makes me laugh all the time and as well as be my rock through all the up and downs and Amir was just that.


how they asked

The night before, Amir told me to go to sleep early since the next day he said we were going on a mini road trip and he wanted to take me somewhere fun.  Later that night, he woke me up at 2:30am and I was still grumbling from the lack of sleep.

We left our house at approximately 3:15am and Amir let me sleep in his car while he drove.  The next hour or so I woke up and looked around.  I saw many hillsides and vineyards surrounding us, but I didn’t recognize where we were.  I looked at Amir and asked “Honey are we going winetasting?”  He just smiled and said “You’ll see” as he pulled up and parked in front of a winery.

We walked inside to check ourselves in and I was pondering “Why would we be going in this early for winetasting?”  Then the guy who checked us in said out loud, “You two will be flying with me today.”

I stared at Amir in horror as soon as I heard the word “flying” and automatically thought skydiving!  “Amir I’m going to kill you if we’re going skydiving!!”  Amir knows how much I never wanted to skydive even though that was one activity on his bucket list.

He tried to calm my nerves down and looked at me in the eye, “Baby if you trust me, you know I would never ask you to do something that you’re not comfortable with.”  I felt a teeny bit better but still getting butterflies since I was clueless as to what we’re about to do.

Finally after the rest of the guests arrived and finished checking in that morning, we all walked outside and found ourselves to 4 giant baskets set on the ground with parachutes attached to them.

At that moment it finally dawned on me that we were going on a hot air balloon…something that I have always wanted to do at least once in my lifetime.  I turned to Amir and squealed “Bunbun!!  You’re taking me on a hot air balloon!!!” as I hugged him and giggled at the same time.  Amir gave me a big smile since I was finally happy and relieved.  We both hugged each other as we watched in awe as the balloons gradually inflate.

We finally climbed onto our own private hot air balloon–just me, Amir, and our guy who checked us in, Rusty, who will be our pilot.  As we finally took off, I could hardly contain my excitement.  We floated over the beautiful wine country of Temecula with the most gorgeous scenery of green hills and lovely sunrise overlooking miles of vineyards and lakes.

There were other hot air balloons floating alongside us in the sky as well…something that you only see on TV and books.  I was so busy taking pictures and video-recording as I wanted to capture this rare once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Then out of nowhere, I heard Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” song being played and I looked up at Amir in surprise.

He took me onto his arms and whispered “Slow dance with me”.  It was at that moment, time stood still and my heart was pounding as I was wondering “Could he be doing what I think he’s about to do?”  (Amir said I was very stiff during our dance… in my defense it was awkward dancing next to Rusty in a small basket LOL).

Finally the song ended and Amir started giving out an elaborate speech as to how much I meant to him and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.  In all honesty, it was all a blur because I was still in shock as to what was actually happening and I was trying so hard to fight back my tears.

Finally Amir got down on one knee, pulled out a box, and asked “Will you marry me honey bunny?”  I said “Yes!!” in excitement.  All I wanted to do was hug him tightly before he got the chance to put the ring on my finger.

We were laughing and hugging through tears when I heard Rusty said in his walkie-talkie “She said yes!” and I heard cheering from the other guests from other balloons.  I also had no idea that Amir captured the whole proposal on his GoPro.  :)  After many cuddles and kisses later, we finally landed back towards the ground as a newly engaged couple.

The whole hot air balloon team and guests toasted to us afterwards with sparkling champagne and pictures.

As we were driving home and I was exhausted from our day’s festivities, Amir wowed me again with one more surprise for the day–a surprise engagement party at his best friend’s house that he has been planning out for over a month.

He blind-folded and walked me into the house and finally as he took off the blindfold, I heard a reverberating “CONGRATULATIONS!” as I opened my eyes to a large group of familiar faces.  Apparently, Amir has invited all our close family, friends, and coworkers to the party while I had no clue all this time.


I was crying like a baby once again as everyone, including my parents, rushed over to hug and shower us with their love, gifts, and warm congrats.  I was definitely on Cloud 9 that day as we celebrated our engagement with the people who meant the most to us.


Special Thanks

Hot air balloon pilot