Diana and Abisai

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Garden

How We Met

We met in college and after being friends for a whole year, we started hanging out a lot more the following year and began to have feelings for each other! I don’t think I admitted it to myself until weeks later! Abisai was so sweet, kind and shy but very adventurous and I began to notice myself look at him quite often and him to me. After many glances, adventurous hangouts and sweet hugs we FINALLY admitted we liked each other. And after all that I still made him wait 3 more months to finally be with him! I knew my heart wanted to be with him but I knew I had to pray a lot and ask God if it was His will I would be with him! I can’t thank God enough for his guidance throughout our amazing journey together.

How They Asked

Abisai has this planned out for months!
I was so stoked when my parents told me they were coming up to NE for parents weekend! It was a perfect excuse to come up here and Abisai knew that would be a perfect weekend to bring family & friends together. Sunday morning we headed out to show off that Nebraska is more than just cornfields so we ended up at the gardens. When we got there, the receptionist (who knew by the way!), had suggested us to go through the way I did not wanted to go through first. But of course we did and as we kept walking my family & friends started staying behind and as Abisai & I kept walking we paused to take a picture. I felt so shy because we were in the way of a photographer who i thought wanted to take pictures of the plants! Abisai, right in the middle of the photographers way, asked me if I wanted to take a picture with him. He told me that he wanted to do a certain pose so he placed me in front of him as he went behind me. Confused on what pose he was planning on doing, he told me to TURN AROUND!! The minute I saw my best friend on his knees, a ring box in his hands and asking me to be his forever made me burst into tears! Without a doubt I said YESSSS! Yes to forever with my very best friend! Our families and friends came running towards us to celebrate the love Abisai and I have had for one another! Since we started dating, I have always prayed to God for the man I will marry. I prayed many times before Abisai and I started dating asking God if it was His Will that he would create something so pure within our bond together. I now know it was definitely God’s will! God is SOOO good!

Special Thanks

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