Diamond Dash: Dash for a Diamond & a Cure

One lucky couple won the opportunity of a lifetime when they were declared the grand prize winners at Michael C. Fina’s fourth annual “Diamond Dash: Dash for a Diamond & a Cure!” After Rachel and Jordan spent the day running around Manhattan for a Halloween themed scavenger hunt, they won the ultimate prize of a $20,000 platinum and diamond engagement ring from the Acclaim Collection by Hearts On Fire!

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The event kicked off the morning of October 26 at Jekyll & Hyde Club in Times Square. All couples participating wore their favorite Halloween costumes and prepared for the day by enjoying breakfast and reviewing maps of New York. Exactly at 10:00am, all couples were given a list of 20 clue locations around Manhattan and the Dash was on! All couples had to figure out the clues and where they were located, trying to reach as many locations as they could in four hours. When they found a location, they had to text in a confirmation code and take a picture of themselves in front of a a designated Dash sign. After hours of racing around the city, all couples were asked to return to Michael C. Fina at 500 Park Avenue, where three finalist teams were announced.

This is when we met Rachel and Jordan, both New Yorkers. This couple got very creative with their costumes, dressed as Google Map points. They found out they were finalists, along with two other couples. After verifying they had reach all of their clue locations, only these three teams participated in the final clue challenge.

“You will be ‘curiouser and curiouser’ as you make your way to a far-off land on this golden afternoon.”

After the final clue was read, Rachel and Jordan were the first to race out of Michael C. Fina in search of the location. This clue led the finalists to the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park where they found the Mad Hatter waiting for them. He was holding a ring box for each couple, each containing another clue leading them to the location of the ring! It was a close call – another couple had reached the Mad Hatter before Rachel and Jordan! However, our winning couple figured out the location a little more quickly and hopped in a cab hoping for the best! The ring had been waiting for them at Michael C. Fina all along!

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As they turned around the corner and ran towards Michael C. Fina, a crowd of all the participants and Michael C. Fina staff members was waiting for them, cheering as they approached the store. Running into Michael C. Fina, Rachel was the first to notice that the Hearts On Fire ring was waiting for them! She and Jordan stood there shocked, looking back and forth at each and the ring. Jordan soon picked up the ring and with the crowd cheering him on, got down on one knee and asked Rachel to marry him!

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After their surprising engagement, the couple posed for a quick engagement photo session before socializing and celebrating with all the other couples. Rachel got to show off her sparkling new ring before the couple decided they should take a drive to New Jersey to surprise their families with their big news!

We would like to offer a very big congratulations to Rachel and Jordan on their engagement, as well as a thank you to all of the 2013 Diamond Dash participants! Thank you all for making this a memorable day!

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Photos by Photomuse