Diamond and Matthew

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How We Met

When we first met in high school I refused his many advances but I always thought he was cute, just too much of a charmer. We became very close friends and though we lost touch shortly after graduating, we reconnected years later it was as if we picked up where we left off and that level of comfort remained.

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Our ability to simply talk to each other about any and everything hadn’t faded and before we knew what was happening friendship blossomed into a crush and feelings swelled into a love neither of us expected. Just a short time into us dating he asked me to go with him to Hawaii and of course, I declined but his persistence let me know he was taking this seriously and it wasn’t long after getting off the plane that he asked me to be his.

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how they asked

Four years after our first visit (only a few months into dating) we decided to head back to Hawaii. On the second day of being on the island, we woke up and took a hike up Manoa Falls where we were greeted by Michael (@michaeldavidfriedman) a photographer my fiancé had arranged far in advance as a surprise for me to capture some photos of us at a waterfall. Later that day he told me we were going to dinner but he decided to make a pit stop at the beach where he first asked me to be his girlfriend four years ago. Our “pit stop” turned into a photo shoot to “have memories of our trip” with Michael joining us again so I thought ABSOLUTELY nothing of him taking more pictures of us that night!

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What I thought was a vacation back to one of our favorite places on the planet thus-far and a mini photo shoot before dinner turned into a proposal where our entire families, whom I had no idea were even on the island, came out and were there to witness me saying yes to my soon to be husband, my life partner, my best friend the man I asked God for.

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Michael David Friedman
 | Photographer