Unique Diamond Alternatives for Engagement Rings

We love a dreamy diamond as much as anyone (how can you not, really?)—but, today, we’re forgetting about a girl’s best friend (for the moment at least) and instead talking unique diamond alternatives. Pinterest recently released some research that shows us exactly what people are searching when it comes to non-diamond engagement rings—below, we’ve broken down what’s most popular. Read on to learn more about the stones and styles that have people around the world searching and swooning!

our favorite diamond alternatives for engagement rings

Photo by James & Jess

  1. Emerald with yellow gold (Pinterest search is up 317%)

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Right now, Pinterest is seeing a spike in users searching for emerald engagement rings set in a yellow gold. We’re head-over-heels for this 18k yellow gold and pear-shaped emerald ring. Really, it’s not that surprising when you think about it: a stunning green center stone punctuated by the warmth of yellow gold offers up a palette that’s as pretty as they come. While diamonds are always a brilliant choice, we’d have to say we 100% approve of this striking green-gold combo. Love this elegant stone? Check out our favorite emerald engagement rings!

  1. Black Diamond (Pinterest search is up 200%)

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If your partner is an “all black everything” kind-of person, this current Pinterest trend might just speak her language perfectly. This 14k yellow gold and black diamond ring is perfect for the bride-to-be that wants to make a statement. We love the idea of opting for a black diamond as a modern, unexpected alternative to a classic diamond engagement ring. Plus, a black diamond can look incredible set in yellow, white, or even rose gold—making it a versatile center stone that’s well suited to shine amongst whatever metal it is your partner prefers.

  1. Ruby with Rose Gold (Pinterest search is up 104%)

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If there’s one diamond alternative that always leaves us weak in the knees it’s a stunning ruby—which is why we’re not at all surprised that “ruby with rose gold” is one of Pinterest’s most popular user searches right now. We’re obsessed with this 14k rose gold ruby ring. It’s classic, elegant, and filled with bling! While the red hue of a ruby feels about as romantic as it gets, we love the idea of elevating that even further with a dreamy rose-gold setting. If your partner is all about making a serious statement with her feminine fashion choices, the ruby-rose-gold combo is likely right up her alley.

  1. Natural (Pinterest search is up +410%)

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Whether it’s a cluster of stones set to look like leaves or a center stone that feels rough and organic as opposed to endlessly polished, natural engagement rings are trending in a major way on Pinterest right now. This 18k yellow gold citrine and diamond ring has the perfect combination of earthy colors and sparkle. If your partner is more likely to rock a pair of worn-in leather flats than a brand new pair of stilettos and loves all things eco-inspired, a natural engagement ring is likely the key to her earthy heart.

  1. Minimalist (Pinterest search is up +159%)

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When it comes to engagement rings, we happen to think more isn’t always more—and current stats show that Pinterest users agree with us. With a search volume that’s up 159%, minimalist engagement rings are currently all the rage. This classic engagement ring is one that will never go out of style. Whether it’s a stunning solitaire, a center stone that’s smaller than you’d normally expect for an engagement ring, or a super streamlined setting, we love the idea of opting for a clean, simple engagement ring—especially if your partner is all about modern minimalism and understated elegance.

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