Dhruvi and Anand

How We Met

In true 2017 style, we met on a dating app. After our first date, he’d asked if I’d like to hang out again & I said: “yea, totally”! I was going away for work for a few days & I hadn’t heard much from him, but I decided to text him anyway. I found out later that after our first date, he wasn’t really sure we were gonna see each other again! But I’d text him when I got back from my trip, and we met up for our 2nd date, and the rest is history…

how they asked

We were in Puerto Rico for a little birthday trip for me, and the day he proposed, Anand was just being a little strange, but I didn’t think anything of it. He said we had a dinner reservation at a certain time and he was on my case because he didn’t think I’d be ready on time. Of course, I was ready on time which he wasn’t prepared for so, now he was stalling. I was definitely starting to get a little annoyed because I was all dressed, just sitting around, but because of his atypical behavior, I figured out that something was up. I thought he must’ve planned something for my birthday, a special dinner maybe. I told him we could leave whenever he wanted to, but I just wanted to go downstairs and take a picture of my outfit – ha!

Dhruvi and Anand's Engagement in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Marriage Proposal Ideas in San Juan, Puerto Rico

When we got downstairs he wanted to head towards the beach and I said “I’m not gonna walk on the sand in 5in wedges!” and he urged me so I just went with it. As we were talking, he pointed out a beautiful picnic setup & said “I planned a beach picnic for us!” and I said, “If you’re joking, I’m gonna beat you up because that’s not funny.” (he tends to joke around quite a bit). He said with the most serious expression – “I’m not joking. This is for us!”. I was absolutely overwhelmed & had the biggest grin on my face already, because it was the perfect set up at sunset, and I thought that was my birthday surprise.

As we walked right up to the picnic, I saw “WILL YOU MArrY ME?” in tea lights in the sand. It took me a second to process it all, but once I did, I started crying hysterically & he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! For as long as I can remember, I’d always thought “How romantic would it be if someone proposed to me on a beach, at sunset!”. The craziest part is, he never knew that was my dream proposal, and yet he made it a reality for me!

I’ve also blogged about the proposal, in more detail, here.