Dharni and Akshar

Image 2 of Dharni and Akshar

How We Met

There was this guy I knew when we were kids. We were born in the same hospital in NY, went to the same pre-school & by age 10, attended Kumon together. Most of our convos were about homework. (It wasn’t till years later that I found out he did his hw in advance because “that’s the only thing I spoke about.”)

By middle school, My family & I moved to ATL, which was good & then another three years later, my family moved to NJ, which was such a draining time that eventually, solo became life’s mission.

But the universe had other plans. Around the start of college, I reunited with the guy from childhood. He started the conversation with, “remember me”? Our paths continued to cross. Initially, I was dismissive 🙈, but it didn’t take long to feel the positivity his presence brought. Akshar reminded me of home. A feeling I missed. Our texts about memories from our old neighborhood turned into long phone calls, to aimlessly walking & talking for hours.

It became evident how we felt about each other as time passed, but it was terrifying for me to take the next step. I still remember the day so clearly. On February 6, I was at the student center with friends when the topic of regret started for not doing what you want because we dwell on a bad past experience or overthink & assume all the negative possibilities.

An instant realization came over me. I grabbed my phone & texted Akshar. “I’m ready if you still are”…10 seconds later, I got a call from him, “I hate that I have to do this over the phone, but I don’t want to waste any more time. Dharni, will you be my girlfriend?”

…And the rest was history.

In the past seven years, I can’t help but fall in love with him over & over again. He showed me what love is. He’s my best friend, my safe place & my constant. From being a childhood friend, (his first crush😜 ), girlfriend, now fiancé & soon to be wife. I can’t wait to do life with him.

How They Asked

We planned to visit a busy city in Switzerland. My fiance had rented a car to drive us there. One hour in, we started driving upwards on the edge of a mountain. He made it seem like we were lost. I froze in fear as he drove up the hill.

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Finally, I saw a small town entrance board. He parked the car in front of this view you only see in movies. It was empty; he said: “let go closer.” I was confused but didn’t want to miss the chance to see such a beautiful sight.

Image 1 of Dharni and Akshar

I walked towards the lake and looked back to tell him how nice the place was, but he was down on one knee. Of course, when he popped the question, I said “yes”!

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