Dhara and Prashant

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How We Met

Prashant’s family and my family have known each other for several years. Prashant happen to get my number through this aunt and all of a sudden messaged me one day. As wired as it was getting this random “hey, hows it going” text, we instantly clicked and became best buddy’s. Before we knew it we were messaging each other everyday, it got to a point our day would seem incomplete without talking to each day. Several months into our phone conversations we decided to meet up; and he flew down for a weekend from Boston to see me in Savannah, GA. The anxiety, excitement and butterflies of meeting someone for the first time was all surreal. Even though we were meeting as friends we both deep down knew we had some feelings developing for each other. That was the first, we enjoyed each others company so much and our relation over the years evolved and we continue seeing each other every chance we got. It is almost 2 years now, and we have managed to conquer against all odds, especially being in a long distance relationship. Long distance relationships are no doubt tough and require a sincere level of dedication, however they are not impossible; thanks to todays technology it makes staying in touch and keeping things personal so easy. We have been distant in the extremes; while I was in Georgia he was living in Massachusetts. Then I moved to London and he was in America, now I am back in America, living on the east cost he happened to move to the west coast for a new job opportunity. But in the end, distance means so little when someone means so much.

how they asked

Prashant recently moved to San Francisco for a new job opportunity. I was visiting him for the first time after his big move; this was also my first trip to California. Little did I know this trip was going down in books to remember all life long. Upon my arrival he every casually told me that he stumbled upon a very good photographer, Ethan and he actually had arranged for us to do a couples shoot the following day. Next day morning even a bigger surprise came when a hair and makeup artist showed up at his place to get me ready for the shoot. I was so confused, shocked, yet laughing and enjoying every bit of it. He kept telling me San Francisco has a really big App Culture so he just pushed a few apps on his phone and it just happened, no big deal. He made it seem like it was just casual, all for fun, something special he thought of doing for our upcoming 2-year anniversary together.

During our photo shoot while the photographer was taking some candid shots all of a sudden Prashant pulled out a ring from his pocket and asked if I would marry him. I was so taken back, I honestly don’t even remember what other stuff he even said lol and of course my answer was a big YES!

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Following our photo shoot, we went to A16, an Italian eatery where he told me about another surprise that he had planed for me. He had booked a Hawaiian vacation for us to celebrate our engagement and this new chapter in our life.

From the famous Waikiki beach we called our family and friends to share the good news. We are getting married on March 3rd, 2017 in India.

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Special Thanks

Ethan Liu
 | Photographer
Rose Hill
 | Makeup and Hair