Dezy and Carl

How We Met

Carl was the annoying guy who sat in front of me junior year of high school. He slept through class, and stole my papers to write jokes on them every chance he got. After having classes junior, and senior year, then becoming lab partners in physics we couldn’t help but to be around one another. Carl then taught me a thing or two about persistence, because he asked me to be his girlfriend three times before I finally said yes.

how they asked

7 years later, vacationing in Lake Tahoe, he only had to ask once, for me to say YES to being his wife! He had planned for our rental car to be dropped off that morning so we could go to Emerald Bay, but of course that morning they had lost our reservation and no car showed up! Carl was so persistent, once again, about not moving our rental car pick up date. After the car fiasco we went snowmobiling through the mountains, then split an entire pizza! After our pizza I suggested we go back to the hotel to relax, but Carl had big plans! He insisted we see Emerald Bay that day because the weather was STUNNING.

After we hiked out to a cliff looking over the bay, he got down on one knee and asked me to start our adventure of a lifetime with me as his wife! To top it all off there were photographers hidden in the bushes. It was the perfect way to start our forever. In the snow, in our favorite place, together. From meeting in Mr. Cole’s history class, to writing our own history, there isn’t anyone else I’d rather do it with!

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