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I finally had convinced one of my co-workers, who happened to be a good friend to have a casual girl’s night, as she was having a tough week. We had dinner and then made our way over to one of the local country bars called Bourbon Jack’s, which is located in Chandler, AZ. She and I were sipping on our cocktails and chatting when all of a sudden I hear her shout “Jake Huff!” Jake comes over and gives her a hug and she quickly introduces him to me. He shook my hand and that was the first time I looked up to those pretty blue eyes of his. Jake ended up somewhat ditching his friends to sit with us and I’ll never forget thinking “hmm…why did he sit on this side of the table, next to me, when Rachel is the one he knows?” (Jake & Rachel use to be in a bowling league together back when they were in high school.) We ended up all 3 chatting the night away and at some point adding people on Snapchat became our topic of conversation. Jake “didn’t know” how to add someone by simply taking a picture of their personal ghost ID, so I taught him and of course I was the guinea pig he used.

Deziree's Proposal in Whittier, CA at my family reunion

The night went on and I really didn’t think too much it. The next day Jake quickly messages me on Snapchat and our conversation once again picked right back up. I had plans to go out with my friend Brandon or BJ as we call him, who also use to bowl competitively with Rachel & Jake. During the day Jake figured out that I had plans with BJ and then somehow was quickly invited. Unfortunately, for Jake his truck stalled on him at work that day, so he had no way of getting to BJ’s. I thought “oh, I can pick him up on my way.” So then Jake was forced to not just communicate through Snapchat anymore and had to exchange phone numbers with me since I would be picking him up later. We all danced, had some drinks and laughed the night away and all ended up crashing at BJ’s since it was the closest to where we went out. The following morning he came into the room and said goodbye to me as he was leaving town for the day with another buddy. I for sure did not think we would continue talking. I remember he made me get up and before he completely left my room he says, “Text me when you wake up.” It was at that moment that a huge smile was on my face and I feel like has been ever since.

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My family bi-annually puts on a Family Reunion to ensure we are all brought together as often as possible. Jake had been working with my Mom and Aunt to execute his plan of proposing at my family reunion. We arrived at the house at about 11:00 AM and it was funny because throughout the day I checked on him a few times as I felt he was being a little distant with me. I let it go and figured he might just be somewhat overwhelmed, as this was his first time meeting some of my distant family. During each family reunion there is always games and activities for us to all join in on. One of the games we played was finding the large diamond hidden somewhere in this huge backyard. Everyone was looking high and low and I ended up finding it. As I posed for one of my pictures I naturally put it on my ring finger, so one of my Aunts could take a picture.

Deziree and Jake's Engagement in Whittier, CA at my family reunion

Little did I know this would be the first piece of bling I’d get that day. Around 6:00 PM we had to do our usual family portrait. My cousin executes this portion as she is the photographer of the family. We did our huge group photo and then everyone broke out by individual family. I was getting somewhat frustrated because our catering was there and for some reason my Nana’s family was the last one. (My Nana is one of 9.) It’s finally our turn and we take our group portrait with my Nana and her three girl and all their families. Then each of the three daughters takes turns with their individual family. It’s finally my Mom’s family’s turn. We ended up doing the photo with just my Mom, Dad, Brother and me.

Jake was standing right there and so I was thinking in the next photo Jake would be in. Quickly after my family photo was done my cousin tells me to take a portrait with Jake. She gets us situated so we’re slightly at an angle facing one way. As the photos start to get snapped I hear my name being yelled louder and louder. I finally look up in the direction I’m facing and see only 2 of the 4 signs.

One of my cousins was holding a sign that reads, “Say Yes, so we can sip this champagne!” Then another cousin had another sign that says, “Grow Old with Him!” I remember in my head thinking what the heck are they talking about and I was turning around to ask Jake if he was just as confused as I was. Right when I turned around he went down on his knee.

It was right then that I realized what was happening! I was so overwhelmed with shock, excitement and love. I will never forget how surreal it felt.

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