Dezi and Matt

How They Asked

November 16, 2018, is a date I will never forget. We were in our way to his mothers “birthday dinner” when in reality there were no true dinner plans. On our way, Matt has taken a detour to look through homes we have dreamt of living in one day. We get out of the car to look at one of the homes and little did I know it was actually a quaint bed and breakfast that we would later be staying at. He walked me to the backyard where he had string lights hung up perfectly, floral arrangement of the colors I want in our wedding one day, and my our song playing ever so slightly in the background. At that moment I stepped back, he grabbed my hand and said, “yes, what you’re thinking is what’s happening.” After the proposal, he took me to the Breakers on Palm Beach Island for more photos and an extraordinary dinner. We got back to our bed and breakfast to later be surprised by both our families ready to pop the champagne. The following day he surprised me again with all of our closest friends and family at another Airbnb that he rented for our engagement party!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in West Palm Beach, FL