Deyna and Vincent's Photoshoot Marriage Proposal

Photoshoot Marriage Proposal
How we met, Vincent’s side: I met Deyna through a mutual friend in September of 2011 and she lived miles away. She stood by my side from the first day I met her. She still tells the story to her friends and family how I was so sure that she was the one on our first date. I told her, “I’m going to make you my girlfriend.” Not knowing a thing about her was the best part of our story because now we have so many chapters to tell and that’s exactly what I was looking for. We saw each other so often that I knew there was no way of letting her go. I felt that there was something about her that no other girl has ever made me feel. I was falling too fast, but I knew this was something I wanted, someone I can grow with and experience life with in every aspect. She was perfect! I loved her and she loved me right back. Our love was undeniable.

How we met, Deyna’s side: We met in September of 2011 but he wasn’t what I was looking for at the moment. But in time he was everything that I wanted. Meeting him changed me and he bettered me inside and out. There wasn’t denying it that when we kissed, it was more then just attraction, it was emotional. I can not ever forget our first date when he assured me I would become his girlfriend. After that day my heart grew, we’ve been up and we’ve been down but God only knew how our life one day would turn around.

how they asked, Deyna’s side: Almost 4 years later and what started as a photoshoot became the most amazing surprise. That morning Vincent took me to get my hair done, and afterwards he took me to get my make up done. The plan was a typical couple photoshoot that we do about twice a year.

Photoshoot Marriage Proposal

Well, little did I know that while I was becoming inpatient towards the end of our photoshoot, he took me into the woods while the photographers tried getting my attention to pose, he then reached in his blazer and got down on one knee, opened the box and asked me “Deyna will you marry me?” All I could feel was emotional and my stomach dropped as if I was on a rollercoaster. I wanted to scream, jump, and cry.





It felt so unreal, as if I was dreaming. I said “yes!” Best part of it all was looking behind me and seeing both of our families and friends cheering. It was a perfect surprise!

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how they asked, Vincent’s side: I planned the proposal quiet but quickly. I bought the ring, planned a photoshoot and I planned to propose to her with all our family and friends there to witness her expression. Her reaction was priceless and she said yes! It couldn’t have played out any better.



Photoshoot Marriage Proposal

Photographer: Erika Molina | Flower Crown: Victoria’s garden