Devyn Marie and Brendan

Devyn Marie and Brendan's Engagement in Hollywood Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

How We Met

Brendan and I met in the summer of 2016 in Miami, Florida. I was working at Trinity Church overseeing their college and internship program. That summer, Brendan came as one of our summer interns. The first time I ever saw him was during the orientation for all the interns, which I was instructing. I only remember him that day because he seemed to be the only one really paying attention to what I was saying. However, he will tell you that the moment I walked into the room he had an instant feeling that I was the future wife he’d been praying for. Fast forward about a week later when I began texting him about things pertaining to the internship. He quickly turned those conversations from business to pleasure to begin getting to know me. I was not into it at first because not only was he one of my interns, but he was also younger than me, which I swore I would never marry someone younger than me (never say never). We would text back and forth a lot and I never thought anything of it, but when I would get around him I would get butterflies, become super nervous, and run away as fast as I could. It was so weird for me because this intern which I swore I was not into kept making me feel some type of way.

Finally, he broke the ice and approached me while I was setting up a display for a conference. Brendan will tell you that approaching me that day was so out of his nature because he was typically shy and quiet when it came to girls, but he knew he had to take a chance and be bold to win me over. I will never forget seeing him come out into the venue lobby and standing a few feet away at a table casually glancing at me as I set up the display. I remember being so nervous thinking “omg I think he’s going to come talk to me, what do I do?!” Sure enough he walked straight over to me and initiated our first real life conversation. It was short and sweet but I was still fighting any feelings I had for him.

Two days later, he asked me on a date and I said no. I was so in denial haha! Thanks to some awesome, amazing friends encouraging me to just take a chance and go on the date, I went back to Brendan and said yes. That night he picked me up at my apartment for our date. I will never forget walking out of the building and seeing him posted up against his car with a single red rose in his hand. It felt like a scene out of a movie! We drove to the beach and had a picnic at sunset with my favorite thing in the world on the menu, sushi. He completely blew me away with not just the date itself but with his humbling, sweet character and his heart and passion for God. As we talked that night, fireworks went off over a nearby hotel (which was totally unplanned) and I knew that moment was the beginning to an amazing, unexpected, new adventure in life. xo

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how they asked

The two of us were in Miami visiting my mom for the Thanksgiving holiday. I didn’t think anything of the possibility of him proposing since I was the one who decided we would go there for Thanksgiving. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving he told me that we were going to get up early to go to our spot on the beach where we had our first date to watch the sunrise. This wasn’t out of the ordinary because every time we would visit Miami we would always take a day to go to that spot for the sunrise and read our Bibles together. I started becoming slightly suspicious when he told me to make sure I wore my favorite outfit and had my makeup done. Normally I would just roll out of bed to go and do that so I’m glad he had me prepared!

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We stopped for coffee on the way, of course, and headed for the beach. The drive was so peaceful and scenic, hardly anyone was out since it was 6AM. We spent the drive reminiscing on our first date and what we both were thinking and feeling on the first time we ever took that drive to the beach. When we pulled up to Nebraska Street, the famous street from our first date, I could see the beach from the car and this cute little table and blanket set up on the beach. I immediately started freaking out thinking “omg could this be it?!” We got out of the car and walked to the beach spot where everything was set up. It was the exact same spot we sat for our first date! He had a blanket set up with fur pillows, candles lit surrounding it and a table with chocolate covered strawberries, pink moscato bubbly, and a dozen red roses.

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Devyn Marie's Proposal in Hollywood Beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Cute story behind the dozen roses – I shared how on our first date he greeted me with a single red rose. Well later on in our relationship, Brendan told me that he actually had bought an entire dozen roses for that date because he couldn’t find just a single one to purchase anywhere. So he hid the other 11 roses in the backseat of his car and only gave me one because he didn’t want to seem like he was coming on too strong. I thought that was so funny and cute, so he made sure to bust out the dozen red roses when he popped the question!

Once we got to the display he had set up he took my hand, pulled out a piece of paper, and began telling me how thankful he was for God bringing him to Miami, aligning our paths together, and of course that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me! And yes, there were so many tears! He proceeded to get down on one knee and popped the question! I was in complete shock and awe, I almost forgot to say yes! The ring was gorgeous and took my breath away, he did SO GOOD. It was the most meaningful, magical moment ever!

After I squealed with excitement and said yes, my best friend, who I thought was out of town for the holidays, started shouting congratulations along with my family. I was so surprised and overjoyed to see my favorite people there!! We popped the bubbly, ate chocolate covered strawberries, and walked the beach together. It was the best day ever and I can’t wait to marry my best friend!! xo

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