Devyn and Michael

Proposal Ideas Riverside Clubhouse, Sacramento CA

How We Met

Michael and I met in the 7th grade in detention at South Tahoe Middle School. We became close friends and started dating in the 8th grade until freshman year until I had to move back to Sacramento. We broke up. 3 years later we tried to be together again but it just didn’t work out. Another 3 years after that I couldn’t get Michael out of my head after a nasty break up. So I followed him on Instagram.

Devyn and Michael's Engagement in Riverside Clubhouse, Sacramento CA

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Riverside Clubhouse, Sacramento CA

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Riverside Clubhouse, Sacramento CA

I got a text an hour later from Michael. We FaceTimed. He was living in LA I was living in Sacramento. We hit it off again and I let him know I would always be there for him ready and willing to be with him again whenever he was ready. He told me that if I was serious that he wanted me to move down to LA and be with him. A month later I moved down to LA and we have been extremely happy together ever since almost 3 years!

how they asked

Michael had been asking me for weeks to take a night off and go out. So one night we decided to have a dinner, Michael knew of a place so he made a reservation. He told me he was unable to get an early dinner time so he asked if 9:40 was a good time and I said of course! I got all dressed and ready and so did he! We are never able to get all fancy and dressed up so we took the opportunity to do so! He doesn’t love taking pictures (although I LOVE it when we take pictures) but tonight he let me take as many pics as I want! It was great, little did I know it was a time saver! We went out to a bar, watched some comedy and then went out to the restaurant.

Michael has asked if we could sit in the back when we walked to the back I was shocked to see a whole clan of our family and friends waiting for us. Michael held my hand and brought me through the crowd to the waterfall that was running in the background he got on one knee and asked me “Will you be mine forever?!” Of course, I said yes!!! We hugged, kissed and were embraced by all of our amazing friends and family! It was a wonderful rest of the night and I’m so excited to be engaged to the love of my life !!