Devon and Robert

Image 1 of Devon and Robert

How We Met

Robert and I met 7 years ago as we lived on the same floor our freshman year. We became best friends throughout the year-texting everyday, watching movies, and studying together. As summer neared our love grew more. After we moved out we finally told each other how we felt. We then lived together for the rest of our college careers. We wanted to get married when we graduated but my oldest sister was getting married so we had to wait. She finally got married on May 7th. I was hopeful we would get engaged soon after.

how they asked

On our 6th anniversary we decided to go to the Santa Barabara Zoo and feed the giraffes. We fed the giraffes and as we were leaving the giraffe handler asked if we had any questions. I of course asked about their spikey tongues. As I received my answer I turned to walk away. Robert said wait I have a question, as I turned around he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

Image 2 of Devon and Robert

I cried like a baby and said yes.

Image 3 of Devon and Robert

The giraffe handler was so shocked/uncomfortable he let us feed the giraffes again. Thankfully a guest in line snuck a couple of pictures for us and sent them to us!