Devon and Reshona

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How We Met

We met downtown Hartford on the corner during lunch time. I was eyeing her for a months but never got the chance to make a move because she was always with someone else and I didn’t want to interrupt. I saw her walking alone one day and didn’t hesitate to approach her and introduce myself. Now she’s mine :-)

how they asked

She thought we were just flying out to Singapore to celebrate her 30th birthday… but she didn’t know I had something else in mind. Prior to taking the trip I took her to the Louis Vuitton store and told her to pick out a bag. She did. And I told her I would present it to her on her birthday.

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I surprised her with dinner on a Yacht to celebrate her birthday and she saw me with the Louis Vuitton shopping bag…. thinking the pocket book she picked out was in there. It wasn’t!!

Instead it was the ring inside a much cheaper bag. It was a prank that would take her from Zero to 100 real quick… After eating and hanging out I presented her with her birthday “gift” and the excitement and emotions are absolutely priceless as I’m sure you’ll see in the video!

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Sock Siong
 | Photographer
Melissa Chio
 | Planning