Devon and Jordan

How We Met: Jordan and I met using an online dating app called Tinder. As I was flying home to Edmonton for a week off from school, I forgot to turn off my phone and as we were coming in for the landing and it somehow managed to connect to Jordan’s phone. The week I was at home went by without much thought to the app, but later on in the week when I was bored I decided to check it out. Jordan was actually the first person I ever decided to talk to using the app; before him it was mostly just a game of Hot or Not for me.

Somehow while we were talking I convinced him to drive three hours up from where he was living at the time to meet me. We met in the park by my house the evening before I would be leaving to go back to school. We met at around 730 that night for a coffee and a doughnut and ending up talking and walking around the park until 5 in the morning.

how they asked: Jordan and I have been doing long distance right from the very beginning. It has not been easy trying to get to know someone through texting and Facetime. After two years of dating, Jordan wanted to take me to Banff (a national park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains) to celebrate our two years together; he planned the whole week out. Little did I know that he had actually planned more than just a two year anniversary.

Three months before hand he had taken my parents out and asked their permission to marry me; and two weeks before he had gone any picked up the ring. We spent the entire weekend in the beautiful mountains. On Saturday he took me out to the spa and we got massages, then he told me to get ready for the surprise restaurant that he was taking me to. The surprise restaurant ended up being on the top of a mountain and we had to take a gondola to get up there.

At this point I thought that the surprises were over, but after dinner we went outside to walk around the trails on the top of the mountain. We found a spot and eventually just stopped and held hands and watched the sun setting over the mountains. Then suddenly he pulled away and says to me “been an awesome two years eh?”, I just nodded and agreed. Then he said it again, he said “been an awesome two years eh? So how about the rest of our lives?” then he got down on one knee and I didn’t even know it was happening, I was so shocked.

Image 1 of Devon and Jordan

My first thought was actually that he was tying his shoe. I had no idea that he was even planning any of this, I thought it was just an awesome two year anniversary. Of course I said yes once I stopped crying; actually I believe it came out as “f**k yes”.

Image 2 of Devon and Jordan

We did not get pictures of the actual moment but another person came by a few minutes later and we asked him to get some pictures of us to capture the memory.

Image 3 of Devon and Jordan

Image 4 of Devon and Jordan