Devon and David

We had planned to go to a concert in Seattle that night, so we dressed up nice and planned to spend the whole day together. We started the day by heading out to brunch at Portage Bay and then went to Starbucks right by green lake in Seattle. David kept telling me he wasn’t feeling well, so we just decided to hangout at the Starbucks for a while until the concert started. As we went to leave David told me he had to use the restroom real quick (later found out thats when he was texting the photographer to make sure everything was ready). As we got ready to go, David told me he wanted to walk down by the water to get back to the car. We parked far away and so the walk was beautiful but cold. We just kept walking and walking until we got to a clearing down by the water. David told me he wanted to take a picture then we could go get in the car. As we were standing there, David turned to me and told me how much he loved me. I got very excited thinking this is it, he is proposing. Then quickly though nah, he is going to just tell me he loves me and then we will go back to the car. But David kept talking, I couldn’t believe what was happening and said “Wait, this is really happening”.

Image 1 of Devon and David

Next thing I know, David got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said yes! After that, he turned me to our friend who was taking pictures for us, which was a dream of mine for our engagement to be captured!

Image 2 of Devon and David

Image 3 of Devon and David

Special Thanks

Matt Kennelly
 | Photography