Devon and Danea

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How We Met

Danea and I met at an exclusive Halloween Party I threw at my condo in Akron, Ohio on October 20th, 2012. I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I was residing in Akron because after graduating from THEE Ohio State University in June of 08, I had accepted a job offer from the Fortune 500 company ‘3M’ as a territory sales rep. Danea was born and raised in Akron, and was in town visiting her family for the weekend. I had invited her sister Danielle (who had graduated from college with me) to the party, and she asked could she bring her younger sister (Danea) since she was in town. My first question was ‘How does she look?’ Her reply was ‘Better than me’. So I said ‘sure!’ *because Danielle is a looker too*

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At the party, I was introduced to Danea by her sister. She was dressed as a conservative pirate. It’s not the costume I would’ve typically been attracted to at the time, but I guess it makes for a more ironic story of how she STOLE my heart. Even with an eye patch and not much skin showing, I could tell she was beautiful. Her smile lit up the room, and the one eye that I could see was enchanting. I instantly hit her with my patented move called the ‘Swagger Slap’. It isn’t a real slap, but it’s a look I give that makes you feel like you’ve been slapped by my aura (think ‘Blue Steel’ Face from the movie Zoolander). It caught her right up under the chin, and left her dazed for the rest of the night.

I end up getting her number a couple days later through a Twitter DM (Direct Message), and from there we set up our first date which was at Cold Stone.

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how they asked

Danea is an actress who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. I proposed during a fake acting gig that I set up through her agent (who is a close family friend of mine). The gig was for a Los Angeles Tourists Commercial.

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It was shot on the rooftop of a building in downtown LA. I provided details on location, time, and attire through fake audition email that was forwarded from her agent. I hired a makeup artist, director, 2 videographers, and a photographer to make the gig feel authentic. She bought into it, and never suspected a thing.

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Towards the end of the shoot, she was instructed to face away from the camera for a scene in which she was told to spin around while throwing rose petals in the air. I quietly came out of hiding while her back was turned. When she was instructed to spin around; I was on one knee….

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Nikki Ryan
 | Videographer
Jane Nehme
 | Custom Ring Designer
Robert Vega
 | Makeup Artist