Devon and Chris

How We Met

Our story starts with a summer camp back in 2009- the summer after I finished 9th grade. For some reason I could not attend my church’s usual community service camp in Frostburg MD, so my friend Becca and I went to a different one nearby in Carroll County. Chris was not at that camp, but his neighbor was.

Devon and Chris's Engagement in Iceland

And luckily that neighbor did not own a cell phone so one day they used Chris’ phone to text me. Chris and I got to talking and soon enough we were arranging to meet in person at the local laser tag place. We started dating that night. We have been together for over 8 years since then!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Iceland

how they asked

Around year five of our relationship, after I graduated college in 2015, I started secretly (and eventually not so secretly) hoping for a ring. Since we had been together for quite some time, Chris knew my dream proposal involved a dramatic view- perhaps on a mountaintop, although not necessarily. Every summer as we traveled I wondered if he would finally ask, but he never did.

Chris kept telling me and anyone who asked that he had a “5-year plan”. However, that 5-year plan kept getting pushed back because we kept re-enlisting to continue school for higher degrees and he thought it was best to finish school before getting married. Once we both signed on to Ph.D. programs, I felt like he would never ask. Luckily I was wrong.

As we set out for Iceland, I once again questioned whether or not this would be the year. Between the terrible weather forecast and years of false anticipation, I actually gave up on thinking he would propose in Iceland, so when he started talking to me about moving up the 5-year plan while we were looking out at a glacier, I did not realize what was happening at first. It was not until he started to pull away and get down on one knee that I started screaming “No, you are not! No, you are not!” in denial and squealing with joy when I realized it was actually happening.

Our Video

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