Devine and Enrique

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How We Met

Enrique and I met 4 years ago in 2014 at our Church Victory Outreach Chino. He had seen me about a month before we actually met when we were at a retreat for our church. A month after he saw me, we “officially” met at a pizza place we went to for a mutual friends going away party on January 12th, 2014. I had noticed him but not in a way of “liking him” his personality had just stood out to me and I thought he was a cool guy! We added each other on Instagram and that was that.

I was in a season of wanting to get involved again at church with the worship because I sing. I remember praying and asking God to open up a door for a Bible Study to need a worship leader so I can start getting into worship and singing again. That week, another mutual friend had posted on Instagram about my CD and Enrique saw it! Turns out he was starting a BRAND new Lifegroup and was in need of a worshipper to be in charge of worship for his bible study!! So the next service he asked his friend if he thought I would be willing to help out and his friend said I’m sure she would be. Right after service, Enrique came up to me and asked and I was in shock!! I was literally asking God to open a door for me and he did plus he also answered a prayer for Enrique as well.

So as the Lifegroup started, we all became much closer. I remember the first Lifegroup we had I had looked at Enrique in a different way like attracted to him and I did not know why?? I think the funniest thing is that myself and Enrique are not each-other’s types AT ALL! That feeling went away and we became cool friends, he would always text me funny memes and I always found myself getting all giddy and excited when a text from him came in. As time progressed, I started feeling like I actually was starting to like him! I found myself going out of my way to get things for him and to be around him plus I had friends telling me they can see us together I was like noooooo. I was legit trying to fight and pray away these feelings soooooo hard! Little did I know that he was feeling the exact way!

When we both found out we had liked each other is where the real journey begins. He talked to our pastor and let him know about these feelings we had for one another, our pastor had guided us to wait and to continue to get to know each other. We ended up waiting for OVER a year till we were able to actually date. During that year we went through so many things, good and bad but despite the bad, God was always faithful. It wasn’t till January 30th, 2016 where he had officially asked me to be his girlfriend at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles California.

how they asked

We dated for about 2 and a half years after that, so believe me when I say we have had such a long journey and I waited so long and had my moments of being impatient as time passed by and I still wasn’t engaged! We talked about it, we were both set on our future together but the wait continued year after year! It came to the point where I had lost all hope in thinking he was going to propose anytime soon and I was finally okay with it happened “At the right time” according to him lol! There were so many times I thought he was going to ask me and after all those times I stopped expecting it and just let it go. Besides, he was telling me I was stealing the magic and that if I kept it up I would ruin the surprise and kill the magic when the day came! Hahahahaha and I know all of us ladies want that moment, so I just gave it to God.

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Finally the proposal!!! The month of July is filled with so much as it is, our 2 and a half years anniversary was on the 30th and my birthday is on the 31st. I kept telling him what I wanted for my birthday and I made it so simple for him “Just get me a pedicure and manicure cause I’m broke” I said lol! And he was like sure no problem. Every year for my birthday I have to make sure my nails are done even if I’m not doing anything I just like feeling pretty haha. So he tells me he wants to take me out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday and to get dressed up cause we were going to a fancy restaurant that consisted of Salsa dancing! I was so ecstatic!!! I had been wanting to go Salsa dancing for a longggg time.

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I get home from work that day and my whole family is dressed up I was like where are you guys going and they said they had a dinner at their church so I was like okay lol little did I know they all knew what was really going to happen that night. I finish getting ready and Enrique comes to pick me up and I put on my chanclas cause who wears heels when you don’t need to?! Enrique tells me he has to drop off sodas at bible study cause it was his day to bring them and he needed to make sure they were all situated so I was like okay that’s fine. We go to the 99 cent store and buy the sodas and we head out to one of our close friend’s house where he has his bible study, the whole time he kept asking me where my heels were.

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We get to the house and he’s like “Devine put on your heels” and I was like why do I need to put them on now, and he was like because I want Bella to take a picture of us before we head out so I can post it for your birthday so I then put on my heels and we headed out to the house. We get there and he tells me he’s going to give them the sodas and he would be right back, so my friend calls me upstairs to come, play with her son while I waited. We chat for a bit and then I say I should go check to see if Enrique is done yet, so we go downstairs and she says oh they’re in the backyard cause they are having a pool party so we go to the backyard and I pulled the curtains back and my mouth dropped. I was like OH MY GAWD! I saw flashes and cameras everywhere and I HID BEHIND THE WALL AND AT THAT MOMENT I KNEW RIGHT AWAY WHAT WAS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!

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I couldn’t even pull the sliding door open cause I already had started crying, so my friend pulled the door open and I made my way along the rose pedal path they had made for me that led to the man of my dreams waiting for me under the beautifully lit up Gazebo. The song playing gave it away, he had chosen “Say I Do” by Franky J to play during this special moment. The entire time I was walking to him I was trying to pull my self together but I was so overwhelmed that this moment I had been waiting for YEARS was FINALLY happening. As I met him there, I looked him in the eyes and I just broke down, he was also very nervous. He pulled the ring out and nervously said really loud, DEVINE CHRISTINE FIGUEROA IN FRONT OF ALL OF OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, I WOULD LIKE TO ASK WILL YOU MARRY ME!?”

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I couldn’t believe it was actually happening and I think I just nodded as I bawled my eyes out lol! It was beyond perfect and as I looked at my ring I was even MORE shocked it was beyond anything I was expecting MORE than what I asked for. I couldn’t stop crying for about 30 minutes afterward. Enrique had contacted everyone that was there personally. He and a few close friends planned this beautiful engagement party right after because they knew I didn’t really care to have a big one when the time came! It was beyond perfect, my heart was so full. He got a photographer to capture every moment, and our close friend videotaped everything and created a beautiful video for us! We are getting married on March 9th, 2019 and I CANNOT WAIT TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND. I must say, it definitely was worth the wait!

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