Devin and Tim

How We Met

Ti and I met on the second day of new student orientation at LeTourneau University. We were both freshmen, living in the same Co-ed dorm. Our floors have an annual movie night mixer so that new students can meet and relax. Tim and I met that night and I thought he was so full of himself. However, over the next couple weeks, every time I was stressed or worried, Tim happened to show up and save the day. We became fast friends. After only a month of knowing each other, we started dating. At first, Tim claims it was just to show me how I should be treated, but we fell in love fast. We dated for over three years before we got engaged. We’ve tackled distance (Houston to Chicago), grief, and other stresses easily. Our premarital counselor says that we should be the counselors to other couples on good communication!

Devin and Tim's Engagement in Shivers Natural Snow in Longview, TX

how they asked

I hate surprises, even the good kind. We had talked a lot about marriage and I had asked for a tighter time frame so that I could feel at ease, which was the perfect compromise to his wanting it to be a complete surprise. Tim told me that within a week we would be engaged. My roommate/best friend did a sneaky job at leading me to believe it would happen on Tuesday, but I needed to look nice all week so that Tim would think I didn’t know. On Saturday, we went to see the new Marvel movie, walked around some stores, and wanted to end our fun Saturday at our favorite local Snow Cone airstream for their last open day of the year. It was hot and sticky, and the line was long. I complained the whole time! (Poor Tim)

Afterwards, my best friend was taking photos of him, (not unusual), and I got up to fix his untucked shirt. When I walked over to him he said,

“Actually I am supposed to do this”, got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring, and asked me to marry him…

I responded with “Right now?!” in complete shock, still certain this was going to happen on the upcoming Tuesday. I said yes, and we all prayed! It was perfect!

Special Thanks

Shivers Natural Snow
 | They were where it happened!
Elli Kenner
 | Photographer