Devin and Daniel

It was the week before Christmas and the night of our friend’s onesie-themed Christmas party. My fiancé planned an entire day, from flowers and a shopping trip to drinks and ice skating downtown. The day was perfect. After a romantic dinner, Daniel said he had one more place he wanted to go before the party and so we headed to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville to see the Christmas lights display. The temperature was frigid on this particular night and I was walking briskly through the lights, ready to change into my onesie and get ready for the party but he kept slowing me down. We came upon the mansion within the gardens and he stopped us because he wanted to “take a selfie” at such an awesome spot. At that moment, he told how much he’s always loved me and life just made sense together…then he dropped to a knee :)

Image 1 of Devin and Daniel