Devin and Benjamin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Lightscape at the Chicago Botanic Garden

How We Met

We met almost 3 years ago – as all good couples do, we met in a bar! In those 3 years, we made it through law school, job changes, the bar exam, health issues, etc.

How They Asked

About a year ago Ben & I went ring shopping. We designed the ring & then for almost a WHOLE year I waited, impatiently. On Friday, December the 13th (my favorite magical day of the month) my best friend got down on one knee at one of our favorite spots, the Chicago botanic garden, & asked me to be his partner forever. Recently Ben asked me what I wanted in a proposal, I replied with “I’m not sure, I just want it to be magical”. If getting engaged under a cathedral of thousands of twinkling lights isn’t magical, then I’m not sure what is!

Where to Propose in Lightscape at the Chicago Botanic Garden

Special Thanks

Brittany Berns
 | Photographer