Devin and Austin's Incredible Helicopter Proposal

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Austin told me to save 10/24/2015 for us to celebrate my birthday. He said he had a whole day of activities planned and to be sure to dress really nice for dinner. We were going somewhere fancy! He took me to breakfast, the Botanical Gardens, and then planned an adorable picnic in Piedmont Park- precious picnic basket, lunch, and wine! We went back to a hotel to get ready. Looking back on everything, he didn’t appear nervous at all! We got ready, had a glass of wine and appetizers, and went downstairs to an Uber Black car Austin requested. The restaurant for dinner was a surprise. We kept driving towards my office (EY) and I was worried I had already eaten at the place he had picked. We pull up to the parking lot in front of my office, the W, and BLT. We walk into the W and someone (Pablo) greets us. He wants to give us a tour of the W! How neat! He takes us to a secret elevator and we go to the top floor. We get out of the elevator and walk up some stairs to the helipad! I’m shaking because I’m confused and we are up really high. Pablo takes pictures of us and we make small talk. I ask, “how often do helicopters land here?” Austin looks at me, points in the air, and says, “ours is about to land now.” I’m shocked! We’re going on a helicopter ride! We get in and fly all around Atlanta for 30 minutes. I realize half way through there’s a GoPro taping us. My thought was great what was I doing the first half of this video!

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Well, we start to land and I see a photographer (Katie Kavadellas). I KNEW what was about to happen. My heart is beating out of my chest. We safely land and sit there for five minutes (seemed like 30). I awkwardly fix my hair and ask Austin if it looks okay. He fluffs the side, smiles, and shakes his head yes. He gets out, walks around the helicopter, and opens my door. He helps me down and takes my hand. We take a few steps and he gets real close to my face. The sweetest words are being spoken to me. “We’ve seen this city from below and now we’ve seen it from above. We’ve known each other through college and now we’ve known each other in the working world. I’ve known you when you were young and I want to know you when you’re old. Devin Nicole Harmon, will you marry me?” I shake my head YES and am crying. I can’t see him nor the ring! We hug, kiss, and take pictures by the helicopter with tears streaming. All I kept telling myself is that this is the best moment of my life.

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How did he pull this off! We walk down the stairs to the elevator. I’m telling him how many people I need to call during the elevator ride. We walk out and around the hallway to a sign that says “Engaged” being held by our families and all of our closest friends. The tears start streaming again. We hug everyone, take pictures, and have a toast! October 24, 2015 is the best day of my life so far. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have Austin as my fiancé and to have the best friends and family out there! Thank you to everyone for helping make our proposal a fairytale! A special shout out to Katie, our photographer, for capturing this moment so perfectly. We are forever thankful for you!


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