Devi and Nishant

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How We Met

We met at a party in Cambridge where we casually danced and exchanged numbers but neither of us really thought we would see each other again. Our mutual friends seemed to really like us together because they told me that he really liked me and they told him that I wanted him to ask me out! Well…we had dinner a couple of days later and the rest is history!

how they asked

Nish told me a couple of weeks ago that his company was going to have a spring gala and significant others were invited. Being a busy medical student, any excuse to dress up is super exciting! The day of the gala, Nish asked me to meet him by the Commons so that we could head over together. As we started walking through the park, it started to snow! It was as if Boston was giving us our own winter wonderland for a few moments. When we got towards the end of the park, I realized that the gazebo was all lit up with candles and I thought “Wow, that’s nice; someone lit up the gazebo!” That’s when Nish took my hand, led me inside and got down on one knee… :)

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