Deveney and Warren

How We Met

Warren and I met in august of 2016 and it was absolutely love at first sight. He took me out for dinner and a movie on a Wednesday night and the following Saturday we’re feeding giraffes at the zoo (my all-time favorite date). The following October I had to get the little’s approval (sorority lingo) and by that November he had met my family and asked my dad for my hand in marriage.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Pikes Peak, Colorado

Our relation went from zero to sixty rather quickly, but when you know you know. Since the proposal we haven’t stopped dating. We’ve gone on weekend trips, sporting events, double dates and we just recently picked our new home together and have already been approved.

how they asked

Warren proposed on the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado on November 26 when my parent came to visit us. I thought a proposal might happen next year, but I wasn’t getting the normal signs so I thought perhaps I was off on my timing. The morning of the proposal Warren told me he had to run to get the car cleaned before picking up my parents, which I completely believed because that’s just the type of person he is. He picked me up at our apartment and we zoomed to get my parents. Once we got to the springs, we had to wait a minute before getting on the cog train, but since I was cold (as always) I put my hands in his coat. I distinctively remember my mom telling me not to put my hands in his coat, but I didn’t understand why she would care.

Moments later we boarded the train and took off for the peak…little did I know my life would change forever. We reached the top, took some photos and went inside for hot chocolate and food. We had about 15 minutes up top and my mom had made it abundantly clear she wanted a photo of the four of us because the backdrop was amazing. With about 10 minutes left we went outside to bare the cold and take photos. After the photo my parents stepped out of the frame and before I could walk off warren had pulled me back and asked if we could have a photo just us, but instead of just taking a photo, right there in front of family and some strangers lol Warren dropped down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.

I cried uncontrollably and nodded my head yes. We boarded the train with my new bling and and headed back to the bottom. While on the train the conductor had asked when I received my “new rock” and when I told him it happened up top he made an announcement to the whole train and had me hold my hand up. The man, the ring, the backdrop, everything was perfect. I am so happy he included my parents and so happy that he put so much thought into it. He is my best friend and the love of my life. I can’t wait to marry this man. My family and I then celebrated at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, where we had dinner and a champagne toast before heading back to Denver.