Devante and Jasmyne

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How We Met

Jasmyne and I met on the campus of Auburn University. We both came in contact with each other on several occasions throughout our time at Auburn before we really hit it off. But the one time I remember where she really caught my interest was at Old Navy, where jasmine was working at the time. I was doing a little shopping for myself and she asked if I needed any help. Now normally I would give a polite no thanks, but it was something about Jasmyne that made me take her up on her offer. As she helped me pick out a few things we began to really talk, joke, and share our interests. From that point on a true friendship developed and through our friendship we became soulmates.

how they asked

Whenever Jasmyne and I would talk about proposing she would always say she wanted to have as much of her family and friends around during her proposal as possible. I figured the best time for this would be during her graduation. Immediately following the graduation ceremony, surrounded by family, friends, and her sorority sisters, I surprised her by taking a knee behind her while she and her sorority sisters were singing their sorority hymn. Through her tears of joy, she said yes!

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