Devani and Michael

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How We Met

Mike and I started off as merely co-workers. We worked at Best Buy in Winter Garden, Florida. Upon my first year at working there, I met a customer named Bob O. He frequently came into the store, always making conversation and telling jokes. When you see him, you’d think he’s a scary biker, but he’s actually a big teddy bear. He would constantly tell me, “Naiomi, i know the perfect guy for you, he works right over in Magnolia (TV’s) and you guys are going to fall in love”. Little did I know, he was telling Mike the same things. I always brushed him off because I had a boyfriend of 2 years, and Mike had a girlfriend. Months went on and we never thought anything of it. On the fourth of July, Mike and I battled against each other in a store contest by stealing balloons from each others departments. And thus the flirtation began. A few days later, Bob returned to the store, asking if Mikey had asked me to marry him yet. At that point, I decided it was time to talk to him about this. Our mutual friend, Saeed gave me Mike’s number. I texted him when I left work, letting him know that “he better propose because Bob won’t give up till he does”. Mike responded that he will propose with a ring pop and call it a day. From there on, we became friends and texted each other on and off, although we were both still in relationships. That following September, we had both become single. I had gotten a new phone number, so I didn’t have Mike’s number. One night before leaving work, Mike came up to my register, took a piece of receipt paper, wrote his number and “Goodest” as his name and told me to text him. From there, we were back on the texting/flirting game. After a month, we decided we would finally go hang out. My favorite dessert is Ice Cream, so we went to the local twistee treat on a Saturday night, where we talked in his car for hours about school, life, what we like, etc. At that moment, I knew things would change for us. A few weeks later, we hung out a few more times, carving pumpkins at his house with his brothers, and going to the gun range with Saeed. On November 2nd, 2013 at a friends Halloween party, Mike told me “You’re mine, You’re my girlfriend” (As if I didn’t have a choice). From that moment on, we’ve fallen in love each other every single day. Mike has become my best friend, number 1 supporter, confidant, shoulder to lean on and love of my life.

how they asked

In May 2017, Mike let me know there would be a charity ball we needed to attend for his job, Sony. Knowing the company is huge and can throw lavish events, I was excited for the occasion. The plan was to take a vacation that weekend as well, because I would have a week off from Nursing School. Mike did not share any details about the event to me, saying it was not finalized and we would let me know as soon as his managers knew. I let it go. As time creeped closer, I asked for more details, and was only given the date, 07/07/2017 at 6:30 or 7:00 pm. I began getting more curious as the time got closer. His best friend, who also works for Sony inside of Best Buy, was attending the event as well and would be bringing my best friend as his date. I found this to be strange because they did not particularly get along, but again I let it go. A few weeks before the event, I found out it would be Black Tie, and we needed a formal outfit to attend. I asked his Sony manager who was visiting my store what I should wear, but all I got out of her was “Something Beautiful”. I also found the answer to be strange, but didn’t think much of it. His Best Friend would laugh every time I asked about the event, making me suspicious. The week of the event, I finally received an invitation to the event, to which I thought “it’s about time”, even though there was a “typo” because both invites had different times. On the day of the event, I went to school as planned, did some shopping and came home. I began getting dressed as Mike was out running errands himself. At 6:30, running late, of course, Mike picked me up. My parents and brother had already left the house, saying they were going to dinner and the movies. My best friend and his had already left as well. When we got to Lake Eola, my Best Friend asked me to help her fix her dress, so we stayed by the car as Mike and Jon walked away. Tina and I then proceeded to the lake, where I was then saw Mike waiting for me at the end of the peninsula, with letters saying “Marry Me?”. My hands were already shaking, so Tina walked me down to Mike and let me go, when he took my hand and began telling me his thoughts. Our families popped out from trees across the way as Mike got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And OF COURSE I SAID YES! Everyone at the Lake screamed as I said yes and our families rushed to hug and kiss us immediately after. We stayed for another hour taking photos with everyone as the crowd kept on watching.

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