Destynne and John

How We Met

John and I met working at a call center. I recall the first time I saw him. It was 2015 and he was walking around the break room talking on his flip phone. Yes, he had a flip phone. I saw him repeatedly doing the same thing everyday. I was intrigued, why would someone have a flip phone in 2015? Who was he calling? A flip phone??I had to get to know him. He made me laugh from the start. Our first inside joke was about grape jelly.

how they asked

I knew he was thinking about proposing I just didn’t know when. We planned a trip to Disney and I was certain he was going to ask then. He threw me off guard because he did not propose at Disneyland. He instead was sneaky and planned an elaborate ruse. We had a dinner planned for his mother’s birthday, which was in the books for over a month. We got to the restaurant and John told the hostess the we were there for the Hoffman’s. She immediately knew the table and led us to where I expected to see his family. Instead, there was a table set for two with flowers, Champagne, and a root beer on ice for him ( he doesn’t drink). At first I thought it was for another table, and I looked at the hostess, but John then tells me he brought me to the restaurant for another reason. I was stunned, shocked, all of the S’s. He then says all the sweet things and pulls out the ring. He asked if I would be his wife. The tears start streaming down my face at this point

Image 1 of Destynne and John

. I’m an ugly crier so I’m pretty sure the table across the way thought we were breaking up. I said yes and his family showed up a bit later with gifts and we all celebrated together.