Destiny and Tevin

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How We Met

Okay! So this is the fun part. We met back a few years ago in Fayetteville, AR (where neither of us were from or went to college). I was out with my girlfriends for the weekend and he was out with his guy friends as well. He was actually out as a groomsman with his best friend who was getting married the following morning (in my hometown- Fort Smith, AR- to a girl who I went to highschool with… small world). We shared similar interest in music, as we quickly figured out due to my unashamed singing and frolicking around them. Basically we exchanged names and talked briefly on Facebook for a bit until finally we exchanged phone numbers.

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He became my absolute best friend. He was in school at Arkansas State in Jonesboro. I was in school at Arkansas Tech in Russellville. We had no way of really spending time together, but we didn’t need it. We talked on the phone for countless hours every day, every night. I told him everything. He sent me care packages to college of movies, music, all kinds of stuff. We spent the year just being the best of friends. Time finally went along and I agreed to be his “date” to (another) wedding in which he was a groomsman. From then on, my perspective changed from his as “just a best friend” moved to a possibility of more… although he had known all along. He told me that from that first night in Fayetteville he knew “I just have to see that girl again.”

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how they asked

I was at work that morning. I got off work that afternoon and saw one of my best friends (from 4 hours away) waiting for me. She took me to lunch and to meet up with some other sweet friends that drove down for the day. We got our nails done, got all fancy and cute… My friend drove me to the park where I found my sweet boyfriend standing to walk with me.

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He walked me down to the water at the park… around all of the ducks… and got down on one knee and proposed…. with the most gorgeous ring and best hidden photographer, might I add.

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