Destiny and Mitch

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How We Met

Mitch & I met working at a coffee shop together; he was the baker and I was the barista. I didn’t want to take this new job at the coffee shop, but I had just graduated high school and was taking the semester off my first year of college to work. My mom pushed me to accept the job and I remember walking in on the first day and seeing Mitch. It was like love at first sight and I knew immediately that we would somehow end up being in each other’s lives.

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Crazy thing is, Mitch had another job offer but decided to take the one at the coffee shop. It truly feels like fate that we are now engaged 5 years later! Our first date was at a cafe, where we talked for 4+ hours about everything you could think of. I left on a trip the next day and when I came back, we were nearly inseparable. Here are some of the first photos we took together on our first few dates!

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How They Asked

Mitch & I planned a fall getaway to Colorado for the second weekend of October. He planned the entire day for us to get dressed up, go into the Rocky Mountains and take pictures for Instagram, then go out for a nice dinner in Denver afterward. I was so excited and at first, didn’t think too much of it! The day came where we got ready and headed into the mountains for an adventure-filled time. Once we got to the location, Mitch was quick to jump out of the car and get ready to hike up a small incline to a secluded area. He told me I had to walk in front of him (because he had the ring in his back pocket). Once we reached the top of the peak, we set up our camera to take pictures and get a video for our YouTube channel. Mitch told me to keep facing the scenic overlook, then turn on his cue so that he could get a cool picture. When I turned around, he was on his knee with the ring and I felt like I could almost faint. If you watch the video, I was absolutely speechless and overcome with tears.

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