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how we met

I have to start off by saying: Destiny and I have the type of relationship that a lot of people dream of. We have gone from acquaintances, to friends, to best friends, to be future husband and wife. It’s quite an interesting story. Not only did we grow up in the same town and go to the same schools, we grew up on the same street just a few blocks away from each other. We really didn’t hang out with each others’ friends and we were in different crowds, but we knew each other quite well.

When we first started to hang out, we would always complain about our current boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s really out of the ordinary when you think about it, but it was those types of conversations that really opened us up to each other and we understood what the other wanted in a relationship. When you talk to someone that much and truly open yourself up to them, you get a great understanding of that person. It wasn’t like we never talked about anything else, we always said “Hi!” to each other and waved in the hallways, but our relationship wouldn’t really change until Destiny started high school.
Being that I’m two years older, I was a Junior at the time and she was a Freshman. On the first day of her high school career, I sat down next to her on the bus. We sat together every day that year. As the school year went by, we talked a lot more frequently and started joking about actually being “Husband & Wife.” Now, truly understanding one another, we had talks about us starting to date. Before you know it, we were a couple. The girl down the street turned out to be the one I was looking for all along.

High Point State Park holds a lot of sentimental value for Destiny and her family. Since she was a small child her family would rent a cabin for a week and they would have an old fashioned camp out. She loves being out in nature, nothing surrounding her besides the view of a beautiful lake. This became a tradition for her family for over eighteen years and they continue to still go each year.

Things were going great for our new relationship and Destiny came up with the idea to take a trip to visit the Monument at High Point. I agreed and off we went. I can remember us sitting down at a picnic table and gives me a scrap book of pictures and quotes showing what our relationship meant to her. After looking through my gift she insisted we walk up to the monument. Once we walk up and we have this beautiful view overlooking hills and trees, Destiny takes my hand and tells me that she is pregnant. This forever changed our relationship.

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how they asked

On July 2nd 2016, I planned the day for our family. Destiny, our son Vincent, and myself take a trip to Space Farms Zoo. Since our son was born we have gone to Space Farms each and every year if not once. After spending time at the zoo I threw out the option of driving to the monument to check it out. Destiny has been busy with work lately and couldn’t make it to High Point when her family was out camping. That’s where my idea to take a ride to High Point. Without hesitation, Both Destiny and Vinny are excited.
This is where it made it easy on me. A trip to the monument where she told me she was having our baby is now going to be repaid.

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We drive up to the monument and start to walk up, it was real windy. Vincent being an eager five year old full of energy he goes running to the door opening to the inside of the huge monument. Destiny quickly follows to catch up and by the time she turns around, I am on one knee with ring out.

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“Are you serious?” she screamed. “Are you serious?!” she said again.
Once she knew I wasn’t kidding she threw her phone on the cement platform. This showed true excitement and being so surprised since she wouldn’t typically throw her phone on the ground. Then she said, “YES!”

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After I place the ring on her finger we have our first kiss to celebrate the engagement. Now the true surprise was I hired a photographer to capture the moment. Once my photographer Lin introduced herself, Destiny lost all control and went crazy knowing how this plan came to be. She was in total shock that the entire day was based around this proposal. She had to sit for a few minutes to let it all process and once she settled down she was all smiles.

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