Destiny and Cody

How We Met

The story of Cody and I falling in love still gives me goosebumps every time I share it, because since the beginning I have dreamed of him to be my happily ever after and now my dream gets to come true. Cody grew up with his dad serving in the Coast Guard, needless to say, he moved around a lot. At the time his dad was stationed at a base in Galveston, Texas so they stayed about 30 minutes from the base. My grandmother was having surgery and told us she was going to need help around the house afterward so we decided to move to this little suburban area where Cody had been living as well. I distinctly remember as we were moving into our house a group of boys playing football at the park that was down the street from where we were going to live, and that was the first time I had seen Cody. I have three little brothers who at the time were ten, seven and two and loved football, so I knew these neighborhood boys would be at some point knocking at our door to see if they wanted to play.

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Two weeks after settling into our grandmother’s house, those boys came and knocked on the door. Since I was the oldest I went to answer the door and there he was, thirteen-year-old Cody at the door holding a football. When I saw him I instantly thought he was really cute, we joke about this all the time now because we both were in that awkward middle school stage when we started liking each other! He asked if my brothers wanted to play football, so I went to get the boys and before they headed off to the park I asked if I could go as well. “Girls don’t play football for a reason,” he said, and let’s just say I proved him wrong at the end of that day! That was our first ever encounter with each other, its crazy to think we were twelve and thirteen when we started our journey. Fast forward a few years, Cody and I were best friends(still currently are!). We never dated, although we always knew there was something there.

He helped me with break-ups with other boys, I helped him pick the “right” girls to be interested in, we always took care of each other because we just had this bond I can’t explain. After school when we got off the bus we would talk at the corner of the street for hours, he became apart of my family. I’m Hispanic, which means we had parties like every weekend and he always came to them. I love this because when it got to the point of us dating, my family remembered him as the neighbor boy that we adopted into the family! I know growing up with Cody is what made this firm foundation we stand on now, and it is such a blessing to say that I met the love of my life in middle school. Remember how I said Cody’s dad was in the military? Well when Cody was about to start his freshman year, his dad got orders that they were moving to Hawaii.

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I remember him telling me, and I felt like my heart fell out. It was hard for me to think that I would have to do high school without Cody, and we were just starting to realize that the feelings we had for each other were maybe developing into something else. Neither of us ever said we liked each other, so it was hard to explain to him why I was taking the news so hard(I didn’t want to be the first one to say it!) So that summer we spent every day together until he left, and that night when we realized we would probably never see each other again we professed our love for one another. We talked about how after he graduates he would come back to Texas and we would get married and go to college together. I would like to say that the distance did nothing to our friendship/relationship, but it did. He made new friends, as did I. We both found interest in different people, and sort of drifted apart.

Occasionally we would catch up, and talk on the phone to keep up with my family. One night we got into a big fight about one of the girls I saw he was talking to, and we stopped being friends altogether. That night I prayed that if Cody was meant for me, even if I let him go now he would one day come back to me. We didn’t talk for a year, and we both went on with life. One night I was bored and logged onto Facebook because I hadn’t used it for awhile. Well, guess who else was on Facebook? My heart stopped when I was he was online, and these feelings all reappeared out of nowhere. “Hey Destiny, it’s been a while,” I remember just looking at these words and crying because it was Cody. All the memories were coming back, all the special moments we had together when we were young. We talked the whole day on the messenger app, and then I gave him my phone number. He talked about how his dad was retiring after twenty-five years of serving, and they were deciding where they wanted to move and settle down.

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His parents said they would go anywhere Cody wanted too, and he told them “I want to go back to Texas so I can be with Destiny”. Fast forward a few months, they found a house ten minutes away from mine and two weeks after moving back we started dating on December 13, 2014. With having him back in my life, it felt like he never left. Those feelings were still there, my family was so happy for us, and it was perfect. Now Cody graduated a year before I did, so when he came back to Texas he was graduating that May and didn’t know what he wanted to do afterward. He didn’t really like school, so he didn’t want to go to college. Right after graduation, he started working with my dad’s company, he did mechanic work and a few other jobs. During this time he was tossing around the idea of joining the military, and I became so scared. I prayed and prayed to God even before Cody that the man I married would not be a man in the service, but God has such a sense of humor.

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He enlisted in the Coast Guard my senior year of high school, and then the distance came into our relationship again. Every night when he was at basic I cried because I didn’t know if I wanted to be a military spouse. It was hard to wrap my mind around, especially since I knew I wanted to marry Cody. I asked God to work in my heart, and that if this was my future that he would prepare me in all ways possible! Well, Cody had come home because of some medical reasons during boot camp and was told to just re-enlist again in six months. Well, I got my man back so I was happy, but he was struggling because he felt he had failed. Soon enough I graduated from high school and accepted an athletic scholarship to play volleyball in Omaha, Nebraska. Again, the distance in our relationship continued and it was hard for the both of us. My first year of college was the biggest test we have yet to endure through, but we did it! By no means was it easy, but we matured a lot and our love was stronger than ever.

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The summer going into my sophomore year of college Cody decided to join the Army, and the distance presented itself once more. But this time, I wasn’t sad or scared, I knew that I was strong enough for this lifestyle. I saw him graduate in May 2017 from basic training, and although it was only for a few days it was so worth it. After this, we went back to our long distance status and it stayed like this until Christmas break. We both got to come home after seven months of being away from each other, and we got to celebrate three years of hard committed love together. Looking back, we both say we wouldn’t have done anything differently. The way we met, the way we fell in love, the friendship we had since the beginning was all in God’s plan for us. Yes, it sucks that we are currently away from each other again now because of the army and college, but believe me the homecoming kisses is worth the wait.

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Because of the military and college, we both hadn’t seen each other for about seven months. I got home a whole week before he got approved to come home, so the anticipation was killing me! It was Saturday morning when his parents texted me asking if they could come over and see my family an I, so I didn’t think anything of it. We all sat in the living room just catching up when I see this tall figure walk up to the door really quickly and slip into the house, it was Cody! He came in two days earlier than expected, and I was so happy.

Yes, if you didn’t guess it already I was an emotional mess! We all talked for awhile and we spent the whole day planning out every day something we could do since he only had left for sixteen days. Before we came home, we talked about getting engaged, and my mom had slipped and told me he had already got the ring and said it was beautiful! So as we were planning our dates out I was looking for subtle hints as to what date would be “the date”. Having the poker face that he does, I didn’t get any clues. Our days together slowly started becoming closer to when he was going to have to leave, and I was becoming restless!

Every day I would wake up and be like today could be the day, so I dressed up almost every day! Randomly, Cody wanted to do something we didn’t plan out originally and wanted out parents to come so it would be a triple date. This, of course, sparked my attention, and I felt like I knew this was going to the day. I went out, bought a cute blouse, got my nails done, wore my boots(because this was a necessity) and didn’t wear too much makeup in case the waterworks went off! We were going to this place called Magical Winter Lights, its where these local artists come to make these huge things out of Christmas lights. When we arrived there was dinosaurs, castles, flowers, animals and many more things and they were huge! I had never been before, so it was all really cool to see with my family and his. We walked around the whole park, and I could tell Cody was being weird. Talking to him now about it he said he was trying to determine where he was going to pop the question because there were so many cute places! At the very end of the walkthrough, someone had made the Eiffel Tower with a bunch of hearts on the outside of it to where you could go and take pictures inside of them. Diamonds were around all the hearts too, and everything was made out of Christmas lights!

We went to go take a picture in front of the heart, and I felt him pull the box out of his pocket and said, “Destiny, will you marry me?” I looked at him and said yes. We hugged, and guess what? I wasn’t the one crying this time, it was him! He cried and just held me, as our parents were cheering and taking pictures. It was the most beautiful moment we have shared together, and I’m so happy that he gets to be mine for the rest of my life! He left back to his station a few days after proposing, and it was so hard to say goodbye. We won’t see each other again until a month before our wedding date, so for 10 months. We planned our wedding for the summer, but Cody was surprised with a deployment. We moved our wedding back now to the end of this year, December 22, 2018! This next year of not seeing him and surviving off of phone calls and snap chat will be hard, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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