Destiny and Adam

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How We Met

Adam and I met at church. It was literally awkward eye contact that started our lifetime adventure. He is the videographer at our church and we spent a year hanging out before deciding to date (Adam secretly couldn’t stay away). Right when we made it “official” God put us on the same mission trip together in a third world country so I immediately melted for his heart to serve. After that we spent two years together, exploring and adventuring through photos and videos before he popped the question.

how they asked

Adam is a videographer so a lot of what we do involves his camera (I always have a personal paparazzi at my disposal). We started getting into astrophotography, by photographing the stars, milk way and the moon. He has an app on his phone to track the skies and choose which nights or early mornings would be perfect for the shot. We went out to the beach at midnight on June 17th to catch the moon rise since it was suppose to be a full moon. I was just expecting our usual photo taking adventure. He had me facing the ocean waiting for the timer when he ran up behind me, got down on his knee and asked if I would be his wife and life long adventure buddy. It was perfect timing with the moon rise and starry night making it the most intimate moment between us. The best is yet to come and I am so blessed to be future Mrs. Clayton.

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