Destinie and Val

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How We Met

Val and I met a couple of years ago. We started out as just friends, I even set him up to date one of my friends! Needless to say, when it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Eventually, we were both single and things just naturally progressed into something more. Family and friends all laughed and asked us what took so long to figure out that we both liked each other!

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how they asked

Val works overseas, so he is gone about half the year in 2-3 month increments. As you can imagine, our time together is very precious and we always plan a special trip when he is home. This July, we took a vacation to northern Spain. We planned a day trip to Gaztelugatxe, a beautiful islet on the Bay of Biscay that I had been dreaming about visiting for months. Our little day trip turned into a long day trip, and about halfway through our hike to the islet at the end of our day, we were tired and sweaty and I wanted tapas and wine so I told Val I was ready to go. He agreed and we took a couple of pictures and left (and enjoyed yummy tapas and wine!). Little did I know, he had the ring in our camera bag all day but could tell that visiting the islet wasn’t the right moment he thought it would be!

We got back to town and walked around Bilbao and took a siesta, then got ready for a fancy dinner at Etxanobe. It is a beautiful Michelin restaurant on the top floor of the Euskalduna Palace with gorgeous views of the city. Val was very willing to take pictures and was very complimentary (those who know him know how unusual this is!) but I was too excited for our night to notice.

The meal was delicious and the restaurant was stunning. Val asked if I wanted champagne with dessert and I said I was fine because we still had wine and I slipped away to the restroom. When I returned, the sommelier came by with a bottle of Moët & Chandon and I was delighted as I thought he was just being kind and giving us free drinks! I thanked him for his earlier great wine recommendation and the sommelier stated champagne was even better and I agreed and even said “a man after my own heart!” He walked away and I snapped a picture of Val and our desserts and champagne.

At this time, I was feeling all mushy and thanked Val for a wonderful night and told him I loved him. He reciprocated and said he just wished I was more observant. I didn’t get it until Val pointed to my champagne which had my champagne sapphire engagement ring in the glass, staring at me.

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I literally had taken a picture of the ring in the glass but was so busy staring at Val (and let’s be real, the dessert) that I didn’t even see it! I was in disbelief and fished it out.

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Then he got down on one knee and asked me that very special question.

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I’ve always said my favorite part of being with Val is how easy it is. We always strive to bring out the best in one another and I always know he is my biggest support system. I love that this day was not what he had planned, but was so easy and perfect and so us. I’m so ready for this next chapter with him!

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