Destini and Kyle

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How We Met

Kyle and I first met back in October of 2012. A quick introduction through a mutual friend consisting of a “Hi! Nice to meet you.” and then on our separate ways. He was there with one of his buddies and I with my boyfriend at the time. Fast forward to the night of August 9, 2013. While at a nightclub celebrating a birthday for one of my girlfriends, our paths crossed a second time. During a night of good music, dancing and a few drinks, Kyle and I encountered each other again, this time continuing a conversation after the (second) introduction. Having just gotten out of a four year relationship, I had no intentions of pursuing anything with him other than our conversations that night on the dance floor. After expressing this to him when he asked me for my phone number he respectfully told me he understood, but was going to ask me once more at the end of the night. He did just that. And he was successful. The following morning while out for brunch with my mom I received a text message, “Hey, how’s it going? It’s Kyle from last night.”

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What? I had never thought I would get a text from him, especially the morning after I had met him! I responded and we continued to text throughout the day. Then, the moment arrived when he asked me (again) out for a drink. Being recently single and not wanting to jump right back into anything, I (respectfully) declined, providing him with that exact reason. He again, said he understood, but was going to keep asking me. A week went by and even though the answer remained the same, he would ask me to let him take me out on a daily basis. I’ll admit, I admired his persistence and dedication. And I so I caved. He picked me up and we went to a restaurant near by. Low and behold, we had much more in common than I thought! We ended up talking for five hours and closed the place down. Four years, two cats, a dog and a house later, he still makes my heart flutter each and every time I see him.

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how they asked

I was so excited! We had gotten tickets to go to the light festival for that Saturday night. Since Kyle and I are both huge Disney fans and love the movie Tangled, his original plan was as soon as everyone lit their floating lanterns and released them into the sky he was going to propose. Unfortunately they ended up calling the event due to high winds, so we walked to my best-friends jeep that was parked across the road on the side of a farmer’s field (there just so happened to be fireworks going off on that side).

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I was disappointed that they called the event I was ready to call it a night. Then out of nowhere Kyle turned to me and asked me if he could turn a negative situation into a positive one. Right after I asked, “How?…” he got down on one knee, took my hand in his and popped the question. I immediately teared up, I was in shock. Safe to say that was the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer in my life!

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