Destiney and Alan

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How We Met

We used to work a summer job together at a popular seafood restaurant years ago. I always had the biggest crush on Alan. I would check the schedule to see if we would be working in the same room and try my hardest to interact with him as much as possible. He was extremely handsome, a bit mysterious, and incredibly kind. However, we remained friends only and I kept my desires to myself. Fast forward 6 years through college, grad school, big moves, and new jobs our stars finally aligned! As quickly as I began crushing on him so long ago we began a conversation on Christmas Day and have never looked back.

how they asked

During his birthday weekend celebration, he selflessly arranged for our families to get out in the ocean riding jet skis when a plane flew overhead reading “DES WILL YOU MARRY ME- LOVE ALAN” I lost it!

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This was such a beautiful surprise, the sweetest journey, and a testimony to the truth that with patience your biggest dreams will come true. Down to the smallest details! It has always been you, Alan!

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