Destinee and Kevin

How We Met

We had many mutual friends but we were just friends from afar at first. One day, I had noticed her multiple posts on Facebook about her travels. She was driving through the area where Graceland is located (Tennessee) and it caught my attention, being the Elvis fan that I am. I asked (in a joking way) to send me a photo of her in front of the house and didn’t think that I would hear from her again. She sent one the next day. We started talking… and I found out that I really liked her. The only problem was, I lived in California and she lived in Arizona. We talked for days straight as she completed her road trip (helping her friend move to Pennsylvania) and as she was about to hop on a plane to go home, I invited her to come hang out with me sometime in California. I half-heartedly even mentioned “why not this weekend”? I guess I didnt know her well enough to know that she was going to say “yes”. She flew into Phoenix, hopped on another plane to California, and I picked her up from the airport that evening. We were only going to spend a day together but ended up spending the entire weekend and it hurt both of us when she had to go home. We continued talking and flying to see each other when we could and shortly after, I ended up getting a job in Arizona so we could be together.

how they asked

My fiancée is very special to me and I have always believed she deserves the best, or something out of the ordinary. If you knew her, you would agree – the ordinary is just not who or what she is. We have a blended family, 6 kids in between us and we love the dynamic. However, we need time to ourselves, too, so every year we try to take a trip somewhere neither of us have been, just us. Last year, we travelled to Nicaragua and on our last day, we hiked up to the top of a steep volcano and from where we sat, it seemed like we could see to the ends of the earth. It was breathtaking. I had brought “the ring” with me, tied to a long, red ribbon (in case it tried to escape from my pocket) and was planning on proposing on the top of this mountain. The only problem was – I hadn’t asked her father or her kids yet for approval. As perfect as that moment was for us, I reluctantly held off (without her having any idea what I almost did). Fast forward to this year’s couple trip – Israel & Egypt! This time, I came prepared – I had asked almost the entire family if they would approve if I proposed – and I had a year of anticipation and my nerves and anxiety showed it. Before we approached the pyramids on this unusually clear day, I asked our tour guide to capture the video on my phone. We had taken a barrage of photos in front of the pyramids but couldn’t get the “jumping off the edge” shot quite right. This was the opportunity – My fiancée did not have a clue what I was about to do other than to help set up the shot. So I climbed up on the wall with her and said “…but first, I have something I want to ask you…” I got down on one knee and pulled out this ring I had been toting around the globe for a year – waiting for the most special time to ask her to be my bride. People around us were clapping and cheering and even brought us gifts (I honestly think they thought we just got married) …I caught her off guard but she said YES and our tour guide caught the moment perfectly on video. The shot I am including is a screenshot from the video.