Destinee and Billy

Where to Propose in Softball Fields in Colorado Springs, Co

How We Met

I was keeping book for one of our softball friend, when Billy came up to me and asked where he was batting, after he hit he came back to the dugout and sat next to me we flirted that whole day, this continued for about a week. One-day I decided to trust my gut and take it to the next step. We had a tournament the on a Saturday so that Friday at league I told him to come, see me after his game to tell me bye. as I sit there at field 2 I see his game end and immediately I get butterflies, I tell my friend if she sees him to worn me so I can try and calm myself.

It left like forever before he came over to talk to me, but when he did my friend told him to just get my number already so that we can talk outside of the fields. conveniently he forgot his phone in the car so I asked to have his number- from that moment on we talked day in and day out. The rule in my family is “If they want to date me they have to come ask my dad for permission” which is what he did, as nervous as we both were to sit down and talk with my parents after a couple minutes the nerves calmed and they ended up having great conversations. We had our first date, which included me seeing him play ball and going to eat. :)

Destinee and Billy's Engagement in Softball Fields in Colorado Springs, Co

how they asked

April 28th. One of the best days so far. Billy was playing ball in Colorado Springs I was on the bleachers watching his game. Throughout the tournament he struggles to connect with the bat and overthrew first base (not like him at all) I thought to myself what was he doing and why was he struggling so much. as the game ends he purposely was one of the last ones out the dugout and we walked slow and just talking we got in his Jeep and he intentionally got me to look at my phone as we drove by our families. After parking, he started walking to tents that happened to be set up and our team was putting chairs down- as we get closer and closer he becomes more and more nervous.

Something was off as he holds my hand his other hand is in his pocket fidgety. By the time we get up to the tents, I see a white shirt in a sea of dark jerseys… that’s my sister, why is my sister here in Springs. wait. Then Billy pulls me closer and as he starts talking I realize this is the moment I dreamed about this was the moment I hinted about for years. As I fight back the tears in front of the people that we love, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. With no hesitation, I said YES!