Destin and Steven

How We Met

Steve and I met through a mutual friend in October of 2015. We looked at each other and immediately connected. 10 days later we started our dating journey full of love, laughter, and adventure. In two years, we had gone on a cruise, he taught me to ski, we explored multiple cities, we went to every hockey and baseball game that we could, went to zoos in every major city we visited, and most recently traveled to Banff in Alberta, Canada. He had recently started his job as a physical therapist and I had been in a vigorous internship to be a registered dietitian, so you could say we were ready to get away.

how they asked

Upon arrival in Banff, I fell in love with the town and the profound beauty of the Canadian Rockies. We were finally on our most anticipated adventure. On the third day of our trip, Steve drove us up to Lake Louise where we had planned to ice skate on the frozen solid lake and hopefully see the ice castle that was made every year around Christmas time. Sadly, there was no ice castle but we made the best of our time by playing hockey and goofing around. Steve suggested we get a picture together in the center of the ice with the mountains in the background.

Where to Propose in Frozen Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada

He pulled me in an looked at me and said “I wanted to make this moment special. I know there is no ice castle but I don’t need one to show that you are my princess.” He knelt down (quiet gracefully on ice skates I might add), and asked “will you marry me?”…..I was completely shocked and ecstatic beyond words. We spent the rest of the trip embracing the thought of spending the rest of our lives together. And so a new adventure begins.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Frozen Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada