Destin and Bobby

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How We Met

Bobby and I met in a Persian Restaurant called Caspian in Irvine, CA where we were both living at the time. I was there with friends and he was there with a fellow coach and their host family (he’s English and was out here coaching soccer.) He sent drinks to our table then came over to talk. We instantly hit it off and had our first date 3 days later. We’ve now been together 2 1/2 years. We’ve made it through many long distance stints while he coached in various American states as well as when he had to go back to England to renew visas. (I tagged along a few times!) We moved to Arizona together in August, he proposed in December, and we’re now planning a January 2017 wedding in Leeds, England where he’s from!

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how they asked

I had the day off so we decided to hike to Dobbins Lookout on South Mountain in Phoenix. We recently moved to the area so in our spare time we like to explore new places. He packed a backpack for a picnic, or so he said. Once we reached the lookout point he set up his phone to take photos. What he did instead was set the phone to record. He then walked over and after many sweet words asked me to marry him. I cried as I said yes. We celebrated at the top of the mountain with champagne (even better than a picnic) and watched the freshly recorded video of our proposal!

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