Destanie and Cody

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How We Met

How did it all start is something Cody and I get asked a lot. If you asked Cody he would say I saw a picture of Destanie and her friend and decided to message her. But little did Cody know is I had been crushing on him at the Pool way before he thought of messaging me. One day my friend even pushed me into him in line for the diving pool. Which Cody would come to find out after a simply message was sent on Facebook. Cody: “Hey I just wanted to let you know your gorgeous” Destanie “Hey I think your a cutie forsher”. Who would have thought that one cheesy message would lead us to where we are now. So we exchange numbers and began to talk. I remember joking with Cody and telling him I was 6 ft tall. Well he believe me. The first day we were suppose to meet he didn’t show, instead he sent his friends to see if I would be taller than him. (way to go Cody), I was so mad at him. So The first time we actually met I didn’t know if he would even show up. I was 15 so of course I was nervous and sweating and wondmarriedo myself I wonder if he will like me. I still remember to this day what he was wearing as he walked to me. Nebraska hat with red nerd glasses on them , Black and red Jordans, red polo with white strips and a white sweatshirt.

I never Had so many butterflies in my life. We all just hung out and me being the goof I am continued to make Cody laugh. Cody on the other hand could barley speak and I would say “cat got your tounge?”. That very night I shared a kiss with Cody. Never did I thought that was going to happen. We both were shy, didn’t date, and really hadn’t be in relationships. But after that first kiss I knew I felt it in my heart that I was going to marry that man. A week after we started was PROM! Cody asked to go with me but we were not aloud so we both went with separate people and met up there. This was our first of 4 proms together and one I will never forget. We talked every day and hung out the whole summer from going to the pool, to the drive Inn to movie nights at Destanies we were inseparable.I wanted Cody to be my boyfriend so bad! But Cody knew he had to ask my dad permission to date me. Well lets just say it took Cody some time.

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After about 4 months of constant laughter and fun It was time to ask the big question, “can I date your daughter”. My dad being my dad said I will think about it… Finally after a couple weeks he gave Cody permission to date me. So I waited knowing he had same yes. What is taking so long I would think to my self. The night Cody asked me to be his girlfriend I honestly thought that he was done with me. But that was all apart of his plan. With a little bit of help from a dear friend cody bought me a bouquet of pink roses. Now mind you I am thinking that Cody is over me. So they ask for us to come out and help with bringing stuff in. Me I was like no get it your self. But I went outside to help. Cody had the a grin on his face and went to hug me. Still I am hung up on my own feelings. Cody then grabbed me and handed me the roses and said “Destanie, Will you be my girlfriend”. I said “Yes!!!!! Finally!!!!” August 2nd 2011 and here we are 7 years later getting married.

how they asked

Cody and I had gone on a trip for anniversary every year for the past 3 years . But this year was special because it was our 5 year anniversary and we would be celebrating in Jamaica . I thought that it was either this year or never but still did not have an idea . Cody would always say you’re rushing me or I’m just not ready . So I would try my hardest not to bring it up . The first two days we had a blast hanging by the pool dancing and enjoying our life together period on the third day our anniversary we were set to go scuba diving for the first time in the morning . I woke up and Cody kiss me and told me that he loves me and can’t wait for today to celebrate .

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As we got ready he was very quiet and as we sat by the beach waiting for the boat to pick us up I can tell he was nervous but I had no idea that he would be asking me under the water . The scuba diver was in it the whole time but I still had no idea Cody brought with him a Nike bag which I thought had his GoPro gear in it . So as we were scuba diving the scuba instructor was pointing out beautiful things and we got into this beautiful Cove where he told me to stop and plant my feet. Cody then reached into the Nike bag and pulled out a rose that have my ring in it .

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He then pulled out a flipbook which then started the story Destanie lalaina this rose represents out everlasting love today marks 5 years and I couldn’t be happier you mean the world to me and I want to spend everyday with you showing you what you mean to me I can’t wait to have kids together and have a beautiful family Destanie I look at you and see a beautiful confient hardworking encouraging woman and today I want to make you the happiest girl in the world 1827 days together Destanie lalaina Dettmann will you marry me As you can see if the photos the bubbles I am crying so much I can’t breathe he then grabs the rose opens it up and places the ring on my finger .

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I have never cry so many happy tears. We then came up back to the boat still sobbing. I was just in shock I couldn’t believe it. He laugh and wiped my tears. I was just shocked and I couldn’t believe I was finally going to marry my best friend. After I took off my mask I had snot everywhere and I said are you sure you still want to marry me joking with Cody of course he said yes. We then spent the rest of the night celebrating with the friends we had met their the days before it is still an unreal feeling and I couldn’t be happier.

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