Desiree and Zach

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Fiesole, Italy

How We Met

We first met at our town’s local amusement park in Santa Clara, California when we were in the 8th grade. I was there with my best friend, and Zach was there with his. As the two of them approached my friend and I to introduce themselves, Zach nudged his friend and called “dibs” on me, and the rest is history. Apparently calling dibs works, because 10 years later we are engaged! We grew up together, through middle school, high school, college, and life after school. Zach was my first homecoming and prom date, and we are glad we were able to share so many memories like that growing up. We were on-again, off-again in high school, as we were both young and learning who we were. But when we both went to the same college, our paths aligned for good. We even had the opportunity to study abroad together in Italy, which made getting engaged in Italy all the more sentimental.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Fiesole, Italy

How They Asked

After finding an old photo taken the day we met that had a time stamp on it, we realized we knew the exact day we had met. It had been 10 whole years since that fateful day that changed our lives forever, and we decided we wanted to celebrate. We studied abroad in Italy together, and missed it every day since we returned home. We decided to make a trip back, and celebrating our 10-year “meet-a-versary” was the perfect excuse.

On the tenth anniversary of meeting one another we spent the day exploring Fiesole, a small town overlooking the city of Florence. The views are absolutely stunning and it was the most amazing day full of delicious food, wine, perfect views and romance. He wanted the proposal to be completely spontaneous, and just in the moment. He was planning to carry the ring in his pocket all throughout the trip until he felt the moment was right. He managed to carry the ring in his pocket all day without me having the slightest clue, and even avoided a pick-pocketing attempt! As we reached a gorgeous garden in a villa overlooking not only Florence, but all of Tuscany, with the sun setting in the background, he knew the moment was right. We were standing on the most gorgeous Italian stone balcony overlooking the whole Tuscan countryside, when Zach asked if I wanted to take a picture. This was interesting, because Zach doesn’t like taking pictures, so normally I am the one to ask him for a picture. I just figured it was because the view was so stunning and didn’t think twice about it. However, Zach had more in mind than just a quick picture. There was noone directly around us, so he went all the way inside the villa and asked an Italian bellhop to come out to take a picture for us. What I didn’t know was that he explained to the man that he was going to propose to me, and he was hoping he would take a picture for us to document the moment. After asking Zach if he was nervous and if he needed a glass of water (Italian hospitality at it’s finest), the two came over. After taking one “normal” picture, Zach turned to me, got down on one knee, and asked the question that was ten years in the making. I was so stunned and excited that I lost all my words. I finally answered (in Italian to Zach’s amusement) all while our trusted bellhop was snapping photos. The hotel then offered us a private balcony and bottle of champagne to celebrate, all while watching the sunset with a live musician playing the song “What a Wonderful World”. In that moment, we truly could not have imagined a more wonderful world, and we are so excited that was get to take it on together :)

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Desiree Dei's Proposal in Fiesole, Italy

Desiree Dei and Zach's Engagement in Fiesole, Italy