Desiree and Wyatt

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How We Met

We met 4 years ago, in August of 2014.

I was walking into my first semester as a transfer volleyball player to Western Michigan University and he was on his way into his freshman year as a football player.

Wyatt and I briefly locked eyes from a quick introduction in the hallway of the dorms, with a quick “hello” and “goodbye”.

I immediately recognized his man-bun and charming smile, but quickly dismissed it as I was a sophomore and he was just a freshman.. I thought “thats weird right?!”.
As time went on, we ended up connecting in January 2015 in a business class, which was a coincidence I was in there because it was a freshman level course BUT I just declared my minor in business.

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Wyatt tried to talk to me, I tried to talk to him, but it just never worked…

UNTIL, one Saturday in March – all of us athletes were out at the same party, and I leaned over from the coffee table I was standing on to kiss him in the middle of the party.

That was SO out of character for me, and to this day I am surprised I did it, but I am glad I did too.

I knew from that moment on I had my last first kiss, and we have been inseparable since.

I ended up dropping my minor because of my bachelors degree, so God placed me into that class, that one random semester of college to meet the love of my life.

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How They Asked

It was our first weekend back in Michigan together since we moved to Florida in August of 2018.

I was so excited to be back where we began, and our whole family was coming for the football game.

It was homecoming, and October 6th, 2018.

Wyatt had been acting SO strange that whole day, but I figured he was maybe just feeling sick.

I have never seen him act so weird, or be sweating so much. (now, I understand why!)

We walked into the football game, and I was busy on the phone with a friend trying to meet up.

Our group got pulled to the side (his cousin, mom, Wyatt, and I) and were asked to participate in a 3rd quarter media time out “dance off” – I thought it was odd but I LOVE to dance, so of course I agreed.

It would be his mom versus me – since we are both outgoing, it was the perfect fit.

Time ticks by, and halftime is over.

We make our way down towards the field, and Wyatt and Annie come with.
At this time Annie brought her camera but I thought nothing of it, figuring she would want to embarrass us later with pictures.

Wyatts mom and I await on the field – we were pulled on at the media time out and told what we were to be doing. Wyatts moms song starts, she dances, I make some funny faces at her, and get ready to blow her out of the water.

As they start playing my song it was a slow, silly, romantic song. I thought “wow, they ALWAYS love to make one person look stupid, haha!”, so I played along and started dancing like a ballerina.

3 seconds later they say, “what’s that?!”

I take a 180, being confused as heck, and look behind me to see Wyatt going onto one knee.

In front of the whole crowd he asked me to be his wife.

I was in complete and udder shock.

Immediately I began to cry, said “HELL YEAH!”, and we celebrated all night.

It was so special to be back where it all began, including where he played all of his college career.

The field that shaped us both.

It was the best day of my whole life.

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